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The 10 best make ahead breakfasts

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on February 23, 2016

make ahead breakfasts

Never have enough time in the morning? Just wish you could have a few more minutes to sleep? Try one of these easy make-ahead breakfasts to get your day off to a flying start! They’re all healthy and all sugar free, so not only are you saving time, you’re looking after your body!


1. Chocolate protein overnight oats
choc protein overnight oatsChocolate for breakfast becomes a delicious reality.
And it’s sugar free, so it’s totally allowed.

2. Fig and date breakfast parfait fig and date breakfast parfaitStart your day with parfait!

3. Coconut chia & cacao buckwheat pudding coconut chia & cacao buckwheat pudding

Pudding for breakfast? It’s totally okay if it’s this
sugar free chia & buckwheat pudding…

4. Raw coconut chia pudding
raw coconut chia pudding…or this raw coconut version.

5. Bircher muesli with spiced poached pear
10727669_985234918169154_1910677254_n-400x400Poach the pears the night before and this entire breakfast is ready before you go to bed.

6. Banana berry muffins
Screen-Shot-2015-12-15-at-10.47.04-am-1170x868If you like the idea of muffins for breakfast (and really, who doesn’t?),
check out our top 10 muffin recipes for more ideas!

7. Chocolate almond granola
chocolate almond granolaMake up a big batch of this granola and it will last you all week!
Sleep ins, here we come.

8. Banana bread 
banana breadOkay, so banana bread any time of the day is pretty amazing,
but it’s especially good to start off your day.

9. Strawberry and banana baked oats 
baked oatsJust bake the night before and heat it up in the morning! Too easy.

10. Paleo muesli barsmuesli bars

One for the truly time-pressed, you don’t even need to sit down to eat these bad boys.
Just grab one on your way out the door and go!

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