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5 healthy morning habits

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on January 19, 2017


Being healthy involves much more than just paying closer attention to your diet. How you spend your time and divide your day up is very important. The 5 healthy morning habits are a great way to start the day and get in the productive mode for the day ahead.


Barack Obama is up at 7, Richard Branson 5:45, and Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, wakes up at 3:45 (yes, not a typo). See below of the best activities to do first thing. Simply the act of rising early and being purposeful means that we are more likely to be efficient later too, as it sets this standard for the day. Note that in order to rise successfully without depriving ourselves of sleep, this usually means lights out by 10, 10:30.


Meditate for 10-20 minutes: improved concentration, reduced stress levels, balanced moods and greater happiness are all linked to the humble act of meditation. Don’t know how? It’s a great time to learn. Download the app Headspace and follow the 10-step journey – you’ll be a master in no time. Our minds hold all the power: our lives are simply a reflection of our interpretation of experiences we have, which is directly related to our mental health. Take the time to nurture your mental hygiene and see your world change – for the better.



Post meditation, with your mind clear, focus on one mantra you have for the day, week or month, which if you believed it, would lead to greater happiness and health. “I have complete control over my decisions”; “I love being healthy” or “I have a wonderful partner who loves and accepts me” are all-powerful beliefs. Know that we are what we tell ourselves – and most of the time, we aren’t even aware of the stories that are running through our heads. Take control of your future by taking control of your thoughts.


Whether its yoga, Pilates a spin class or even a walk, getting sweaty in the AM pumps endorphins around your body creating a natural high. This is so important in the morning because it creates something to look forward to when you wake up, as well as lighting up your brain for the day ahead – you will experience improved concentration, enhanced memory function, and increased capacity to focus, as well as greater overall efficiency.


After you’ve finished sweating, fuel your body with some nourishing breakfast – eggs and spinach, a delicious banana protein smoothie or even just a juice (for brekkie newbies) are all great ways to break the overnight fast. Doing this boosts your energy levels, kick-starts your metabolism and reduces likelihood of overeating later.

So there you have it – in order, the 5 healthy habits for a healthy 2017. They aren’t hard, not are they unachievable, and they do create the changes in your body, mind and life that you want to see. Your job now? Take note, follow through and set that alarm for 6am tomorrow.

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