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5 healthy recipes for Pancake Day

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on February 28, 2017

Pancake Day

The time has come to celebrate Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day, an epic day when pancake consumption is highly encouraged regardless on the time of the day.

This day is very special to us because we just love pancakes, especially the healthy types, sugar-free and all. As today is all about these delicious fluffy treats, we’ve decided to give you 5 options to inspire you for the rest of the week. The origins of pancakes comes from the ancient Greeks and Romans, who used to make them with wheat flour, olive oil, honey and of course serve them for breakfast. Back then they didn’t have Natvia, but thankfully now you do so you can enjoy pancake day in a healthier way. Although known as a breakfast meal, at Natvia we believe that anytime of the day is a good enough to treat yourself to a nice stack of them.

Dark chocolate raspberry pancakes

Chocolate raspberry pancakes

Most people will doubt that using chocolate with your baking can result in sugar-free treats, but using specific types of dark chocolate can certainly eliminate the refined sugar. This pancake recipe is the ideal start to your day if you love the combination of refreshing fruit mixed with chocolate (who doesn’t). This recipe is gluten-free and dariry free.

Blueberry buttermilk pancakes


Fluffy, moist, sweet and healthy, is this the perfect pancake recipe or what? If you’re looking for a traditional way of making these delicious treats, this recipe will be your favourite. We added some blueberries to make the taste that extra delicious. Click here to see the full ingredients list and cooking method.

Coffee cake protein pancakes

coffee cake protein pancakes

All right coffee lovers, we’ve got some exciting news for you. This pancake day we bring you a delicious mix of coffee and dessert, the Natvia coffee cake protein pancakes. Made with protein powder, low fat cottage cheese, unsweetened almond milk, oats, instant coffee and Natvia of course, this recipe is ideal as a pre-workout delight. This recipe is made from Australian food blogger Healthy Eating Jo.

Peaches and cream protein pancakes

peaches and cream pancakes

Life is simply peachy when you bake the sugar-free way. If you’re a tropical soul who loves the sunshine and beach days, this peaches and cream protein pancakes recipe is for you. Made with coconut flour and grated zucchini, it’s a light and refreshing type of pancake you can enjoy any time of the day of course. The secret ingredient in this is ginger, which ads that extra something to the taste and of course has so many health benefits. Click here for a full list of ingredients and method of cooking.

Dark chocolate coconut protein pancakes

chocolate coconut protein pancakes

Since coconut is such a popular baking ingredient, we’ve decided to share with you a yummy recipe. The chocolate coconut protein pancake recipe was created by the lovely Tanya Lee Brown and it’s an easy to make one with very few ingredients needed. This is a classic recipe, but made with coconut flour, Natvia and protein to help you feel full and alert for a busy day ahead. The result? Fluffy, delicious pancakes. For a refreshing taste, add your favourite fresh fruit. For extra protein, add peanut butter.


½ cup gluten free oat flour

½ cup unsweetened almond milk

1 scoop lactose free cinnamon protein bun

½ banana mashed

1tsbp coconut flour

1tsbp of Natvia

10g chocolate dairy-free dark chocolate chips

½ tsp vanilla extract

½ baking powder

½ cinnamon

Let sit for optimum fluffiness

What is your favourite pancake recipe to celebrate pancake day with? Happy #shrovetuesday all

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