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5 Reasons why #DryJuly is Good for You

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on July 21, 2017

dry july

5 Reasons why #DryJuly is Good for You

Dry July began in 2008 with one objective – give up alcohol to raise money for a local hospital. After overwhelming responses over the years, the organisation continues to give back today by inspiring thousands of participants worldwide to quit alcohol for a month and donate to cancer victims in Australia.

We at Natvia put on a little twist by not only quitting alcohol, but quitting sugar with it as well. Dry July supposedly runs only for a month, but if you could do it long-term, no one can stop you! Whether you’re doing it just for July or forever, here are five reasons why Dry July is good for you:

 You sleep better.

Regular drinkers may stay longer in bed, but still feel tired nonetheless. This is because alcohol can make you hit the sack without even falling into deep slumber – you could probably be just staying in the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage. Imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up in the morning feeling wonderful and fresh because alcohol didn’t put you to sleep the night before. You won’t be missing your morning coffee or tea either!

No hangovers!

This one’s quite obvious; hangovers are the worst. The more you enjoyed the night before, the more sluggish you’re left feeling in the morning (not to mention how nauseous you are!). Dry July is your quick escape from this horrible time and energy-wasting biological reaction.

A clear and healthy mind.

According to a Mamamia article, the US National Institutes of Health reports regular binge-drinking as “damaging to the brain’s frontal cortex and the areas involved in decision-making and executive functions.” This month, you save yourself from letting an alcohol beverage take over your life. That’s right – you’re in control today. You’re granted a clearer focus on matters such as work, family, or even your sugar-quitting journey.

You could lose weight.

As long as you’re not replacing alcohol with something high in sugar, you could lose weight depending on how much alcohol your body is used to take in. Most drinks also have lots of sugar and calories in them, so you say goodbye to those, too. Oh, and the snacks you eat with alcohol? All gone. This is the potential start of your fitness journey.

You give back to cancer victims.

The Dry July Foundation said it well – no one asks for cancer. The victims need people to help them from something hard to difficult to survive especially when you’re not financially prepared for it.

Guess what: you don’t totally have to miss out on sugar and alcohol. Mocktail recipes abound out there – you just need to look. Lucky you, we have a free e-book especially for Dry July! Download it here:

If you’re interested, you can also find out what kind of mocktail you are! This short quiz could save you lots of time deciding which mocktail to make. Go for it!

Sources and further reading:

Words by Franchesca Del Rosario

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