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6 ways to keep off the kilos and still party

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on March 1, 2016

Everyone loves a good party! But for those of us trying to keep the kilos off, you can end up spending more time worrying about the snacks than socialising. Here’s 6 ways you can watch what you eat and still have a good time!

1.Phone a friend: 
Ask a friend to get on board! It’s much resist all those chips, dips and nibbles when you have somebody else on the journey with you.

2. Swap out sugar: 
All those treats add up and sugar is a huge source of calories! Opting for natural sugar alternatives like Natvia natural sweetener instead of sugar in cooking, baking and even your daily cuppa can seriously cut down on your sugar intake and the calories as well! If you need inspiration for sugar-free treats, check out the Sweeter Life Club – seriously there are over 1000 tasty recipes! Now, who wants cake?!

3. BYO
: Bring along a healthier option to parties such as homemade dips with vegetable dippers, or a sugar free dessert. This way, you know for sure there’ll be at least one healthy snack. You might even be able to convince everyone else at the party to ditch the unhealthy snacks along with you!

4. Sweet dreams: 
Too many late nights start to take their toll, and not only on your energy levels. If you have a good night’s sleep regularly, you’re more likely to lose weight and stay healthier. Make sure you set aside a few early nights a week.

5. Stay hydrated: 
And not just with alcohol! When the sparkling’s flowing it can be easy to forget to drink water. Alternate alcoholic beverages with a glass of water to keep calories (and hangovers!) down.

6. Plan ahead: 
Before heading out to drinks and nibbles, have a snack so you don’t arrive hungry and head straight for the food. High-protein snacks like yoghurt are particularly good. If you’re there for a meal, fill up on vegetable options and leaner meats first. You’ll have less room left over for unhealthy options.

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