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7 Ways to Spring Clean your Fitness Regime

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on August 17, 2016

spring clean
  1. Get outside. If you haven’t already rushed outside as soon as you read the word ‘spring’, that is. Now that we’re finally seeing some sunshine, swap the gym for the great outdoors and make the most of it! It’ll refresh your exercise routine, as well as giving you some much-needed Vitamin D.
  2. Update your gear. Is there anything more motivating than having a new workout wardrobe? If you don’t need to buy an entire new outfit, make sure you check out your shoes and sports bras to make sure they don’t need replacing.
  3. Find a friend. A workout buddy can make your routine much more effective, as well as giving you motivation to actually turn up to your morning sessions. Find a mate whose schedule lines up with yours, make a date – and then stick to it!
  4. Set a schedule. So you’re feeling motivated, you’ve got your new gear and you’re ready to go! The key to a good routine is consistency. There’s not a lot of point in putting a heap of effort into your workout if you only do it when you remember. Draw up a schedule for the week, and put it somewhere you’ll see it often.
  5. Out with the old. Like any good spring clean, you’ll need to throw some things out! Although there’s nothing wrong with a difficult or challenging workout, if you’re still doing activities you know you don’t look forward to – get rid of them! You shouldn’t be unhappy in your routine, and it’s a good opportunity to try something new for the springtime.
  6. Snack spring clean. Don’t stop at cleaning the house! Get rid of any unhealthy snacks lurking in your pantry that you were ‘saving’ for those chilly nights (you know what they are…). Stock up on healthy snacks to really kickstart your spring routine!
  7. Sign up! Find a charity run, walk, ride or swim that’s happening as the weather warms up, and put your name down. It’ll give you a solid training goal and you’ll be able to tell everyone about that one time you ran 10ks in a charity fun run.
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