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A Mother’s Influence

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on November 25, 2015

a mothers influence

From the day a child is born, the parents are their role models. Nutritionist and founder of Nutrition Darling, Cinzia Cozzolino knows this, and has always promoted healthy eating to her daughters, Nina, 20 and Lana, 18, to the point that they spent the first 5 years of their lives thinking that natural Greek yoghurt was ice cream!

In fact, Cinzia was so enthusiastic about ensuring that her daughters ate well that she turned her passion into a career.

“After a while I decided that I was going to take this on seriously and make it official,” she told me.

“So I studied part time then full time while I still worked and took care of the girls.”

One of Cinzia’s fondest memories is the student desk and computer that her daughters bought her for her 40th birthday, so that she could have a place to study and achieve her goals of becoming a nutritionist.

“It still makes me cry,” Cinzia admits.

“It was so beautiful because they were showing me that what I was doing was important to them. It also gave them a sense of how important doing something that you love is.”

Today, Cinzia’s girls have almost surpassed her practice of healthy and mindful eating. Admitting that they have always loved healthy food, she tells me that her daughters now make healthier choices than her, stating that Nina is a vegan and Lana “just always makes the right choices.” This type of eating is not an obligation for her family, but rather it is who they are.

“I remember when Lana came back from her first kids birthday party, yelling “mum, mum, they had square bread and it had colours all over it,” Cinzia laughed.

“We had never had white bread before so to her it was a big deal. I had trained them to eat freshly baked brown bread, and that’s what they were used to. That’s where they came from.”

And now, more than 10 years later, not much has changed.

Now working as the social media manager for her mum’s nutrition company, Nutrition Darling, Lana admits that it wasn’t easy for her to follow a healthy diet growing up, especially while at school.

“I remember at school camp we had our own house and we had our health teacher living with us and she would say to me “so Lana, what can you eat?”

She would always ask me “do you ever feel depressed because you are not having sugar?” and I answered saying there’s a thing called fruit, while she was sipping on her diet coke.”

Lana never veered away from her health mission though, and stuck to healthy, wholesome eating, even in the most difficult times.

“At camp everyone would be sitting around eating their bag of chips and bag of lollies and I had brought vegetables with me,” she recalls.

Lana knows that is was her mother’s influence that allowed her to love and appreciate good, wholesome and nutritious food. So many of her friends would confess to her that they wished they could eat that way, but their parents just would not cook those types of nutritious meals.

Lana’s advice to her friends was to “go to farmers markets with their parents and show them what they liked or to go to a café and say, “mum, this is the kind of food I like.”









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