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Combi Coffee – A Healthy Haven for the Whole Community

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on November 25, 2015

Imagine you are in Bali or Hawaii. The sun is scorching and you walk, barefoot, into a bustling hut where everyone knows one another, for lets say, a fruit smoothie – something nourishing, revitalising and completely organic to save you from the swelter.

Now imagine this oasis in Melbourne’s beachside suburb of Elwood. Yep, owners Penny Loughnan and Anthony Baker, have brought you Combi Coffee, a beautiful café where you will feel like you or on a tropical holiday, healthy eating is super cool, and you can slurp on your “Master Tonic” cold pressed juice or “Peanut Butter Cup” smoothie as loudly as you wish. Oh, and there is also the delicacy of Kombucha on tap, organic lentil soup, and whole fresh coconuts filled with a double shot of espresso!

“Our philosophy is focused on serving beautiful organic food that tastes and looks amazing,” Penny explains.

“We offer this in an environment which is fun, upbeat and light hearted… The vibe we have is unique, as we play an eclectic mix of music, anything from Bob Marley to New Orleans Jazz. We love our community and we want to nourish and help them kickback, enjoy some cool tunes, and perhaps talk to stranger!”

Penny and Anthony have been in the coffee business for 10 years, originally serving organic fair trade coffees out of a VW Kombi van at music festivals around Australia. This dynamic duo eventually opened up Combi where Penny claims they “took the opportunity to breathe life into being a stand for wellness, organic and raw.”

“We want people to enjoy our food, feel good about themselves and understand that eating well doesn’t have to be bland or boring, it can be delicious, nourishing, colourful and exciting too,” she tells me.

“The lifestyle we encourage is one that is focused on organic foods which we believe are best for our health and the planet.”

The team here also urge that all their customers relax and unwind, basking in the Combi lifestyle with like-minded people.

“Stress is no good for anyone, so we encourage our community to have fun, whether that be driving a Kombi down the coast or jumping in the ocean. We are fans of both,” Penny exclaims.

“We never started this to just sell coffee,” she tells me.

“We offer our community honest, beautiful, organic nourishment. Our environment is warm, welcoming and feels like a place you want to be yourself in. Who else would you want to be anyway?”

When you walk in, you can just sense that Combi is a realm of relaxation and community, where everyone is simply chilling out and having fun.

“It is a hub of like minded friends, changing the world one smile, laugh, conversation, bite, sip and gulp at a time.”


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