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Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on April 24, 2017

Cookie Tuesday


What is it about cookies that make them so darn great? Is it their versatility as a quick dessert that has us coming back for more? Is it their ample size to deliciousness ratio? Maybe its freshly baked, soft and delicate texture that has us caught under its spell? Whatever the case, cookies aren’t going anywhere (unless that’s down our mouths, of course) and we’re celebrating with #CookieTuesday!

#CookieTuesday celebrates cookies in all of their deliciousness. Here at Natvia we’re HUGE believers that cookies of all different shapes, sizes and flavours deserve a place not just in our hearts but also in our selection of brunch time treats and a prime contender for midnight munchies.Having baked hundred’s of sugar-free cookies, we have some must-try recipes that hit the spot every time.

Happy Baking!




Classic Choc Chip Cookie

There’s no way we could start a cookie list without giving top spot to the Choc Chip Cookie. This classic combination is what started many of our cookie journeys, and its flavour remains an absolute favourite for many of us. Fulfilling on levels we probably won’t ever be able to understand, the Choc Chip Cookie is dangerously simple to make, but with our refined sugar-free recipe, there’s little reason to hold back.

Full recipe here:




Macadamia Choc Chip Cookies

Yet to be understood, something completely magical happens when we blend buttery macadamia nuts with the objectively, irrefutable deliciousness of choc chip cookies. Just as simple to make as our Choc Chip Cookies, this Macadamia Choc Chip recipe encapsulates complete happiness. Also free of all refined sugar, these Macadamia Cookies are one to make and indulge on during the week!

Full recipe here:




Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies are the ultimate treat to indulge in. They’re also great to celebrate with! Got the washing off the line just before it rained – celebratory peanut butter cookie; Missed the worst of gridlock traffic – celebratory peanut butter cookie; Mixed up a batch of peanut butter cookies – celebratory peanut butter cookie. There’s almost no wrong peanut butter combination but there’s definitely some great ones, so get baking!

Full recipe:



Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookies

Either you or most likely someone you know is gluten intolerant. We’ve come a long way with our offering of gluten-free dishes, especially when it comes to desserts – Enter Gluten Free Double Choc Cookies! No need to politely decline or hold back when it comes to these gluten-free beauties, indulge and enjoy it!

Full recipe:



Giant Cookie Cake

Take your love, appreciation, and loyalty towards cookies and express it with this Giant Cookie Cake. Combining our favourite cookie and cake qualities this recipe is a celebration of cookies past, present and future. This is exactly what #CookieTuesday looks like.

Full recipe:

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