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Decorating your Christmas dinner table

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on December 6, 2016

christmas decorations

We always prepare the best dishes for Christmas for everyone to enjoy, and for most of us Christmas preparation comes after the food is planned to perfection. How many of you are guilty of setting up plastic forks and plates for the guest? Well they are convenient, but it’s not a reason to pull off a stunning table this Christmas! It might just be the best Christmas experience for your family or friends. Here’s a few ways to help you create a perfect Christmas moment.

1. Do A Quick Pinterest Research
Yes a shocker! Pinterest is full of ideas and really amazing pictures of how you can create professional looking decorating plans for your Christmas. You might not always have the budget of the Pinterest famous, but they’re super useful for a bit of inspiration.

2. Go Rustic
Rustic is always on style, especially when it comes to traditional holidays like Christmas. Setting up a rustic styling to your Christmas dinner table is simple yet can be very entertaining. Make use of your weathered outdoor table and set up matching decoration to go with your table. Rough linen cloth, chunky cutlery and glasswares adds to the character that you want to show to everyone.

3. Play with Colours
Nothing pops out more than a blend of well matching colours, and it’s a sure way to show everyone you have an artistic flair inside of you. Be brave to play around with colours this Christmas that aren’t just the same old as red, green, or white, and you can use Christmas decorations to make sure that the message is still Christmas time.

4. Simple and Charming
Sometimes being underwhelming can be the best way to impress. Pressed linen sheet with low key colours combined with sleek cutlery and streamlined glassware is a great look that is easy to pull off. The plus is you can always go crazy with decorations if your table is neat and minimalist.

5. Put in the Effort
People will always love it when you go the extra mile. No matter how much you spent, time or money wise, your friends and family will appreciate even the smallest of decorating efforts. After all, it’s the company that’s most important of all at Christmas.

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