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The easy tricks to going low carb

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on October 17, 2016

low carb

Trying to give up carbs but not sure where to start? We have 5 simple tips to make it easy!

Start slow: If you think changing to a LCHF lifestyle is a big step, that’s because it is! Some people can make the switch all at once, but for most of us it’s a more gradual change. A good tip is to start with changing the snacks you eat first. Ditch the biscuits, sweets and processed snacks and switch to things like veggie sticks and dip, hardboiled eggs, nuts (but watch your serving sizes). Then you can start to move to changing your main meals too. Remember, every bit counts, so even if you’re only changing a few meals a day at first, you’re still improving!

Clean it out: We might have said start slow, but there’s definitely things you can ditch instantly. Get into the pantry and get rid of:

  • Sweet drinks: soft drink, energy drink, flavoured milk, fruit juices. They’re pretty much just sugar in a can! And don’t forget those spoonfuls of sugar in your cuppa – swap it for Natvia for the sweet taste you love without the nasties!
  • Processed cereals: High in carbohydrates and sugars, you’re not getting the day off to a great start with these guys! Try making your own low-carb granola, or having eggs instead.
  • Dried fruit: Just because they’re technically a fruit doesn’t make them healthy! Dried fruit is pretty much just concentrated sugar.
  • Sugary treats: Get that lolly jar out of the house! This one might seem obvious, but it’s all too easy to ‘just have one’ if they’re still hanging around.

Find out what works for you: The key word here is really ‘low’ carb, not ‘no carb’. It’s up to you to work out what carb intake works best for you and your health goals.

Use veggies instead: When you hear the words ‘low carb’, do you panic at the thought of living without bread and pasta? You don’t have to! You can still enjoy the sauces and toppings you love, but without the unhealthy carbohydrates. Swap pasta for zucchini (often called ‘zoodles’), rice for grated cauliflower, and put the fillings for your sandwich in a salad instead.

Tweak, don’t trash: The key to a LCHF lifestyle is adapting the food you love to be healthier (but just as tasty!). Love hamburgers? Keep the burger and fillings, but swap the bun for salad leaves or large mushrooms, or just remove it altogether! Love dessert? Try making a low-carb cheesecake. You don’t have to give up everything you like to eat, just make smarter choices.

To find out more about the LCHF lifestyle, read The Truth About Carbs

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