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Find out how you can beat cancer.

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on May 16, 2016

Find out how you can beat cancer.

Recent studies have found that exercising during cancer treatment can improve patients’ chances of surviving cancer.

In fact, targeted exercise programs for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment have been found to double their chances of survival.

The exercise program is professionally designed and prescribed for cancer patients by exercise physiologists. Participants exercise both during the week and also on the days they have chemotherapy or radiation treatment. It might be tough, but the program is showing considerable success.

Patients who have participated in the exercise program show close to no muscle loss during their chemotherapy. Usually, it’s expected for patients to see about 10-15% muscle wastage. This is a fantastic result, as it means that while undergoing treatment, patients are healthier and functioning better.

They’ve also reported feeling less of the usual side effects of cancer treatment, like nausea and fatigue, while on the exercise program.

But that’s not all. Amazingly, exercise actually helps the immune system produce more of the cells that kill cancer cells. Studies have found that the adrenaline produced by the body during exercise releases more of these ‘natural killer cells’, which then seek out cancerous tumours and destroy them.

This is exciting news for cancer treatment across the globe. It means that patients can not only feel better while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but they’ll actually have a better chance of beating the cancer – all through exercise.

Via ABC Catalyst

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