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The Fit Mum Revolution

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on November 15, 2016

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We’ve all seen them: the celebrity mums with their newborns and toddlers, strutting their impossibly fit bodies while out with the stroller. For the rest of us who aren’t supermodels or movie stars, it’s just a little bit harder to fit in fitness once we become parents. Here’s our top tips for keeping fit and healthy, even when you’re juggling the kids.

First things first: Get in early to get your workout in. It’s all too easy for the demands of the day to pile up before you’ve got around to exercising, so do it first thing before anything can get in your way!

Get sneaky: We all know being a mum is all about multi-tasking. While the kids are having a nap or watching TV, sneak in some yoga or weight training. If you have older kids who have their own sport or after school activities, use that time to hit the track as well.

It’s not all or nothing: You don’t have to be out there running 5km a day, or sweating out high-intensity gym sessions. You can try activities as simple as a brisk walk for half an hour, or yoga or pilates – whatever level you can do, as often as you can. Every little bit helps!

Clean out your schedule: One of the most common reasons for not fitting in fitness? There’s simply not enough time. Take a look at your daily routine and see if there’s things in there you can move around (or just skip altogether) that will give you a bit more time. Three lots of ten-minute gaps during the day might not seem like much, but added together that’s half an hour that you could turn into valuable workout time.

Turn the playground into your gym: Who said you can only work out while the kids are somewhere else? Pull-ups on the monkey bars, push-ups on the park bench…and while we’re at it, if you have very little ones, there’s nothing wrong with having them with you for your daily workout. Take older kids on a bike ride or bushwalk with you on the weekend to get the whole family outdoors and active.

Don’t compare yourself to other mums: This one’s a biggie. Even though it might be tricky, try not to measure yourself against other mums – whether that’s at the kinder pick-up, or celebrities. Your own health should be your main focus, not how anyone else looks. When you’re happy and healthy, your family will be too!



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