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Freedom In Every Bite

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on October 15, 2015

Written by Caroline Geroyan

NADIA FELSCH has unveiled the deeply buried secrets to weight loss, vitality and health. Throw away your miracle shakes, diet pills and calorie counters, you are about to find out how this nutrition student and absolute foodie discovered food freedom and how she is now thriving from a lifestyle free of calories, diets and restrictions.

“Proudly, I have not always been a health foodie,” admits Nadia. “And proudly because it’s my poor food and lifestyle experience that has provided me with such a fantastic and authentic insight.”

Nadia is an Australian wholefoods recipe developer, health writer and nutritionist-in-the-making, advocating simple and nutritious eating in people’s everyday lives. She is also the curator behind Path To Wholefoods, an 8-week eCourse, guiding busy women to eating freedom, so that they can “eat well, look good and feel great.” In her own words, she is “obsessed with sharing the simple ways you can make awesome changes and live in a world of delicious food that isn’t served with a side of stress. Everyone deserves that.”

I asked Nadia what ignited her passion towards living a wholefoods lifestyle and her answer was all too familiar.

“Eat this and not that, do this much exercise, repeat.” It just didn’t make sense to her.

Calorie counting, and relying on heavily processed food as part of a healthy lifestyle seemed bogus. “It was bizarre that in order to thrive I would need any of this.”

So she adopted a wholefoods approach to eating, where she found food freedom.

“Everything changed, and for the better. Everything in your life glimmers and shines.” Nadia gleams.

“You wake up with energy, you’re nourished and satisfied, cravings don’t exist, and diets are long gone! I now see food with joy and something to be grateful for, not the enemy.”

Now Nadia just wants to help others venture on the journey and reap the benefits of wholefoods and a wholesome lifestyle so that they too can experience these amazing health transformations.

So many people have been on diets, restricted calories or even cut out entire food groups to be thin, or their own version of “healthy.” But Nadia is convinced that “going on a diet” is simply rubbish, and instead focuses on nourishment and wellbeing, with a food philosophy of “less cans, tins, packets and bottles and more fresh and delicious.”

We both chuckled as we discussed the crazy diets that people have gone on, including the “air diet”, where, yep you guessed it, you literally just eat air. Another that is absolutely bananas (pardon the pun) is the colour diet, where you only eat foods of a certain colour.

She admits that there will be those who find taking on a wholefoods approach intimidating, daunting and even frightening, and encourages people to simply start small.

“Like every new path, taking on too much at once rarely ends with your desired result.”

“Throwing out everything in your cupboards and fridge, only to buy every wholefood in sight and send yourself broke in the meantime is not the idea here. Perhaps for now it’s doing what I like to call a ‘wholefoods swap.’

Select just 1 or 2 refined food products that you’re eating and swap them for something whole.”

“It won’t work all in one day, just trust me.”



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