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Are your friends affecting your health?

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on February 8, 2016

friends affecting health

How often have you said ‘I couldn’t live without my friends?’ Well, it turns out that science says you’re right!

Friendships don’t just make us happy, but actually play an important role in our physical health.

A 2015 study found that your social relationships could have as much of an impact on your health and lifespan as exercise and diet.

The study measured the social relationships and physical health of people aged from adolescence through to late adulthood.

It found that those with strong social connections had better health at each stage of life. It also found a direct link between social isolation and physical problems such as inflammation and high blood pressure, which can cause serious health problems.

A previous study also found that the lack of a strong social network can have the same harmful effect on your lifespan as cigarettes or alcohol. It’s more reason than ever to keep your friends close!

It’s not just our physical health that friends are here for, but our mental health too. Good friendships help us deal with stress and difficult situations, as well as providing support in the good times (plus often providing the good times!)

And don’t stress if you’re not the sort to have hundreds of friends. Research suggests that it’s quality, not quantity that counts when it comes to friendships.

So next time you have a night out with your besties, remember – you’re doing it for your health!


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