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Go Nuts For Pronuts

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on October 19, 2015

What do you get when you cross a husband who is a fitness fanatic, 2 greyhounds and a determined woman who turns her passion of concocting healthy treats into a business? You get Pronuts! Adi Galimidi has always loved making healthy paleo treats, but after her husband started competing in fitness competitions, the urgency to create protein based treats with fewer calories and no sugar took on a world of their own, and voila, Pronuts was born…

“I have always been really passionate about food and focussed on healthy eating,” Adi tells me.

As a donut lover, she had experimented with making them healthier through trying paleo-centric recipes, sharing them with her fitness trainer and sporting fanatic husband, Peter.

But when he started taking part in fitness competitions, Peter needed to cut down his sugar consumption, even if they were unrefined. So Adi started tweaking her recipes, focusing on higher protein, minimal sugar and lower calories. After all, the saying goes that owners always look like their dogs, and she had to find a way to help her husband look athletic and lean, just like their two muscular greyhounds, Diesel and Emilie.

“I couldn’t keep making the paleo ones because if Peter wasn’t going to eat them I would become huge. So the focus of the new donuts was high protein and low calorie so he can have them while he was training.”

Pronuts are made with zucchini, whole eggs, whey protein, coconut flour and are sweetened with Natvia, and are available in an array of delicious and natural flavours including vanilla, matcha, cookies and cream and Notella (a succulent and healthy spin on Nutella). And because they are gluten free, contain over 7 grams of protein, less than 1.5 grams of carbohydrates and less than 80 calories all up, they are totally guilt-free!

Adi decided to turn her nutritious creation into a business, inspired by so many other health revolutionaries turning their passion into an entity that could help others.

“Turning my protein donuts into a business was inspired by being able to run your own life rather than working in the corporate world… I just thought there’s nothing to lose, see where it goes and take it form there.”

Pronuts have only been around for 3 months and has grown significantly, perfoming much better than Adi had anticipated. She stocks her mouth-watering, guilt-free treats to nutritious food outlets all over Sydney and is excited about the numerous requests she receives to stock her amazing donuts interstate. Her vision for Pronut’s future is to expand by coming up with a new “flavour of the month” every month, as well as introducing new products into the business.

Through all the success, Adi still credits her husband Peter for inspiring and supporting her. As her biggest supporter she tells me that he was her muse, as he is her target market, and backbone, having encouraged her to develop her passion from a hobby into a lifestyle from day one.

Alongside Peter, her group of friends have also always stood as her support network, and are more than happy to taste-test flavours before they are launched. Who wouldn’t be, they are all so delicious!

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