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Going LCHF- Success Story

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on April 18, 2017

LCHF diet

Wendy from New Zealand shares with us her success story of going low carb high fat and quitting refined-sugar with Natvia. Having lost over 20 kgs and now frequenting the gym, Wendy’s journey not only brought about physical benefits but also emotional, feeling happier and more energised.

What motivated you to quit sugar?

I was so over weight 149kg to be exact… and determined to find the right way of eating as I knew I was gaining all the time.  I went through all sorts of diets and calories counting programs but nothing worked.

A family member came to visit and told me about LCHF, and it sounded like my kind of diet and suitable for my lifestyle. I attended the Wednesday support group sessions run by Dr Lily Fraser at Turuki Health Care in Mangere, I became aware of the problem foods and I got motivated to quit sugar. I weigh now 125kg since November 2016.

How long before you noticed results?

I noticed on the first week, when I weigh myself and realised I lost 4kg and then after that my weight continued to drop at least a kilo weekly; this continued on for the next three weeks and then it became challenging after my weight drop very slowly around at least a half a kilo, this had an impact on my motivation, but I kept going.

How did you come across Natvia? 

On the internet as I was researching more information around artificial sugar in particular a more natural low carb sugar. There’s many on the market but I’ve noticed Natvia is the best because of its flavour.

How did your life change once you quit sugar?

My lifestyle has definitely changed for the positive, I am proactive via joining the gym, I am now in a new loving relationship, this would not have happened if it wasn’t for my diet / lifestyle change, it has impacted positively on my self-esteem.

How your diet is now compared to when you were a sugar consumer? 

My diet has changed for the better I am more aware and vigilant about what I am buying. My budget has improved now because I’m only buying food that I need to eat and equivalent to my diet.

Congratulations Wendy for being so awesome and inspiring.

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