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6 Healthy Kids Lunchbox Ideas

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on January 9, 2017

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Most parents already know, healthy lunchbox ideas can be hard, and it is important that whenever kids are well nourished, they perform better in school and therefore are better equipped to fight off illness. And we just love healthy lunchbox ideas, especially with food choices for children.

shutterstock_401280970Low Fat Yogurt

1. Low fat yoghurt is not only full of protein and calcium, it can also improve the body immune and digestion systems. As far as a healthy lunchbox idea goes for kids, this one is actually an easy one! Toss in some fruits, add a bit low fat milk, a little honey and mix to make a delicious fruits smoothie for your kids to bring to school. Bonus: freeze the extra smoothie and serve as popsicles when they come home.


Whole Grains

2. Whole grains are essential sources of B minerals and vitamins, that can keep the heart healthy and reduce the possible danger of certain cancers and Type-2 diabetes. Replacing processed flour products with whole grains in your kid’s diet will also help provide the dietary fibre needed to help maintain a healthy bodyweight. A big win for healthy lunchbox ideas! Pair whole grain treats with a yummy dip, whole meal pretzel with reduced fat cheese or yoghurt, or try whole grain pita bread with hummus.



3. Make your kids sunny side up or scrambled eggs and serve with toast and vegetables in a delicious sandwich, kids will love it. Serving egg is not only healthy but also delicious. You can also decide on having a bit of fun with hard boiled eggs, slice the eggs in two, add a flag with a toothpick and your kid can brag about having an egg boat in their lunch at school. A sure fire winner when it comes to healthy lunchbox ideas on any day. It also pairs really nicely with other food: add smoked salmon for extra protein, or more greens for more fibre. 



4. Fruits are rich in fibre and contain important vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants that help kids grow strong and healthy. It’s important to get your kids into loving fruits and build a habit of eating them. Keeping the lunchbox colourful and creative not only will make your kids excited about their lunch but it’s also has a health benefit: fruits of various colours deliver different minerals and vitamins. For a well balanced combination, pair your children favourite fruits with falafel and yoghurt or peanut butter sandwich. Fruits are a vital part of a balanced healthy lunchbox for kids!

shutterstock_523498537Cheese? Yes Cheese!

5. You might already know that cheese is saturated in protein and calcium. It also contain minerals and vitamins critical to a kid’s development, including phosphorous, zinc and vitamin A. Cheese gets a bad reputation due to its fat content. Cheese can actually be a great addition for healthy lunchbox ideas for your kids. Low fat cheese is one of the simplest and tastiest ways to ensure even the pickiest kids are getting the nutrients they need. Get creative and cut cheese in the letters or other shapes. Mix it up everyday to show everyone who’s the creative mum!


6. Wraps are wholesome and well balanced as a lunch option. Mediterranean diet has been advocated to have many health benefits as part of your diet. Not all wraps are created equal so make sure to put in a good mix of vegetables, animal or plant protein, and fibre.

So as far as healthy lunchbox ideas go, get out there and experiment with some of these suggestions! Most importantly, stay healthy this summer when it comes to packing a healthy lunchbox for your kids (or adults!).

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