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Eating healthily on a budget

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on September 27, 2016

healthy eating on a budget

We all want to eat healthily, but in a world where a cheeseburger is often healthier than a salad, that’s often easier said than done. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be! Here’s our top tips to eating healthily without breaking the bank.

Make a plan: Meal planning is key to shopping on a budget. Preparing meals in advance is also great. Everything is ready to go, meaning you are less likely to impulse shop (bad for the wallet) or impulse snack (bad for you!) Work out what meals you will cook, what ingredients you need for the week, and how much money you have to spend before you go shopping. And don’t forget to check the pantry before you leave, to make sure you’re not spending money on things you already have.

Shop the season (and the sales): Fruit and vegetables that are in season are usually cheaper (and tastier) than those imported from halfway across the world. Make sure you get to know your local supermarket’s sales cycles, too, so you know the cheapest time of the week or day to go shopping.

Get organised: A clean fridge and pantry mean you won’t lose track of what’s inside, making it easier to see what leftovers need eating up, and what you already have on hand to use.

Focus on fresh: Fresh, whole food (so fresh vegetables, fruit and proteins) is often cheaper than buying everything from the ready-made aisle. Plus, there is an added bonus – you know exactly what’s in them, so they’re healthier too!

Use cheaper protein: Don’t be scared of good fats (see why here) and don’t let them put you off buying cheaper cuts of meat. If you have a slow cooker, these are great for turning cheaper meat into tender stews and casseroles. Eggs are also a fantastic, source of protein, and even cheaper!

Rethink leftovers: Leftovers are fantastic, but they can get a little, well, boring. Eating the same thing for the best part of the week isn’t for everyone, so think about how you can turn them into a whole new meal. For example, roast meat is good for lunch the next day, or turned into soup or pot pies.

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