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How going sugar free in 2016 will keep you looking younger

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on January 19, 2016

sugarfree 2016

We all know that sugar isn’t good for us – it leads to weight gain and all manner of other problems. And yet, we still continue to make it a part of our diets. Of course, we all have days where all we crave is sweet treats, but what we often forget is how damaging to our bodies binging on sugar can be. Not only will overloading on sugar lead to weight gain, but too much sugar can also cause skin problems.

Studies have shown that sugar can lead to various skin problems, including speeding up ageing. That’s right, overload on sugar and you’ll be giving the ageing process a helping hand. The scary thing is that often, we don’t realise how much sugar we’re eating, as it’s hidden in many foods. Sauces, cereal, salad dressing, and yoghurt, are all foods that contain lots of sugar.

If you’re putting too much sugar into your body, you can expect to say hello to wrinkles earlier than your sugar-free friends. Of course, the question that you’re most probably wondering about is why and how sugar speeds up ageing. And of course, what the benefits of quitting sugar once and for all are. Well, there’s no need to wonder anymore, as we’re about to get to the bottom of this.

Why does sugar cause the ageing process to speed up?


One question that’s important to understand is how sugar, ageing, and wrinkles are linked. Well, sugar has inflammatory properties; these are what cause your skin to break out when you eat too many sugary foods. It’s these properties that allow sugar to attack the collagen and elastin in your skin. These attacks deplete collagen and elastin supplies and leave you more prone to ageing. These include sagging skin and wrinkles. Imagine sugar and your skin cells like a Pac-Man game. The sugar is like the hungry Pac-Man, and your skin’s collagen cells are its favourite jellyfish. (You get the idea, sugar eats your collagen cells.)

Another way that sugar leaves your skin more prone to ageing is because it sucks the water out of your skin cells. This leaves your skin dry and puffy, and sadly, more prone to wrinkles. When your skin is dehydrated, it becomes damaged, which leaves it more prone to the signs of ageing. The good news is that by cutting sugar out of your diet, you can reduce the chance of ageing prematurely. 


What are the benefits of quitting sugar for your skin?


Now you know how sugar affects your skin, the next step is to understand the benefits of quitting it for good. By cutting down on how much processed sugar you’re consuming, you can give your skin a new lease of life.

You’ll no longer be prone to attacks on your skin’s collagen and elastin cells, and so won’t have to stress about ageing as quickly. Collagen and elastin keep your skin smooth, firm and wrinkle-free, and so are vital when it comes to looking youthful.

The chances of your skin becoming dehydrated will be much lower, which means that you won’t need to stress about your cells being damaged. You’ll still need to moisturise every day, but it won’t be as crucial once you’ve quit sugar.

And last but not least, your skin will be less prone to acne and infections. If your skin becomes damaged by an infection or acne, it becomes more prone to premature ageing.

Sugar can do a lot more damage than most of us realise. So if you want healthy, youthful skin, the sooner you cut it out of your diet, the better.

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