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The 3 simple tactics to becoming #inspo

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on April 19, 2016

The 3 simple tactics to becoming #inspo

Kayla, Miranda, Gisele…. what special gene do you share that makes you our #inspo? The ‘IT’ girls, the ones who seem to make the rules without a care, who have an aura of certainty about their actions and this sense that they just KNOW what they do is going to be #trending. Regardless of if you want to be the next fitness blogger to promote healthy body image or even just be a go-to for your closest mates for amazing recipes, being influential is pretty special. We have the capacity to (motivate, support and drive people to be better versions of themselves. Regardless of who we are, we all have the power to do this: and here’s how to claim yours.

Step 1. Decide what you stand for. Being certain and confident in your values is essential. Before you can convince anyone else to do something, you have to be sure of it yourself. Assess what it means to you, how you see it being beneficial to you and others and most importantly – how it brings you to a greater space of radiance. If you’re not sure, do some research, write a journal about it and chat to others. Nutting it out is the first piece of the puzzle.

Step 2. Once you have clarity in yourself about what you stand for, you have to walk your talk. No use you advocating for sugar free living when you take a block of Cadbury’s to next weeks netflix and chill session. Having faith in what you believe in is conveyed not by what you say, but what you do – actions speak louder than words.

Step 3. When you are living, breathing and embodying your ideals, others will naturally start to ask about them. Let your good vibes, natural glow and positive sense of being attract others to your life and question you – no megaphone required. When given the opportunity to share, rather than tell them how to live, simply communicate the incredible changes in your own life that you’ve experienced after executing X, Y and Z. People respect being able to make their own choices, and will consider your words more genuinely if they don’t feel like they are being told what to do.

So in a nutshell, that’s pretty much it. Clarify what you stand for, act with integrity and allow your walk to do the talking – people will come to you. Before you know it you’ll be preaching to the crowds – but be patient for this to happen. Until then, enjoy the peace that you’ve created in your own life and know you are creating a ripple effect for others to do the same.

By Olivia Arezzolo, personal trainer, model and wellness writer. She’s never taken too much notice of what’s cool (sometimes to her detriment) and has always tried to act, be and promote a sense of well-being in her life, with the desire to inspire others to do the same. She is proud to believe she is on this path, and is always open to chatting about this further with anyone. Simply email her on [email protected]

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