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How to diet without dieting

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on July 27, 2016


Getting the most out of your diet – no meal plan required.

Winter has definitely set in, and as a model, personal trainer and nutritionist in training, this is peak time for customised meal plans for people who are noticing the muffin top is no longer on their muffin, but on their hips; and those who can’t remember feeling energetic unless they’ve had their sixth shot of coffee.

And as much as I can create customised programs to follow day in, day out, I genuinely feel there are other factors which generate as great, if not more, shifts in health and vitality. And lucky you – here they are:

  1. Be conscious of what you are putting into your body – eating mindlessly while on the train or watching MKR can result in an empty bag of sugar free chocolate balls before you know it.
  2. Take small bites, chew slowly, and embrace each flavour in your mouth. See if you can distinguish between ingredients. This is especially fun when you share it with a mate – “did you taste that chilli! Wow!”. But genuinely, by focusing your attention on your meals your body and mind registers that you are eating, digestion improves, nutrient absorption is enhanced and you feel more satisfied.
  3. Be creative. You’re probably not too excited about boiled eggs and steamed spinach day in day out, but the idea of experimenting with different textures, flavours and cooking styles probably sparks a bit of enthusiasm. Never tried tempeh? Go for it! What does roasted brussel sprouts and chilli taste like? Go see! Not sure what would happen if you mixed Natvia, almond milk, tamari and peanut butter? Try it! (P.S. that recipe is my secret weapon of sauces: it’s a sugar free, gluten free and dairy free ‘satay’ sauce which is beyond incredible.). The worst that can happen is that you don’t like it. The best is that you love it and a new recipe to share on IG. 
  4. Be aware of your thoughts towards food: what you want to feel is that food is healing, nourishing and fuels that divine temple of yours. This will therefore encourage you to seek such foods to support your beliefs – eg. hearty stews, colourful salads, sugar free cakes. 

See, there’s a whole whack of info and you didn’t even count a calorie. These beliefs are the ones that will stay with you ongoing, and guide your every meal choice – which is much more important in the long term than a 7 day meal plan will ever be.

Written by Olivia Arezzolo, who enjoys writing topics about being healthy just as much as creating personalised meal plans. She is a personal trainer, model, nutritionist in training and co-founder of Bondi Outdoor. Want a 1-1 plan designed for you? Contact her on [email protected]

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