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How To Make The Most Of Your Workout Without The Gym

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on October 29, 2018


While training at the gym can have a lot of benefits, being creative and taking your workout out of the gym could help to reignite your motivation, help you discover something new, and take your training to the next level. Try these tips for making the most of your workout without the gym.

Take your workout outdoors

There is a host of benefits of training outdoors such as saving money, getting fresh air, and even burning more calories than at the gym. During summer, the sunlight will flood your body with Vitamin D which will contribute to a stronger immune system and stronger bones, while training outdoors in winter will condition you well for tough race conditions and help keep you healthy in a season when everyone seems to be getting sick. In order to make the most of your outdoor workout, make sure you’re dressed appropriately so that you can handle anything the weather throws at you and try working out on uneven surfaces such as grass and gravel to really test your body and mix it up.

Join a local club

Whether it’s cycling, running, athletics, or even triathlon, joining a local club can really enhance your training sessions. Training with like-minded enthusiasts who can share their knowledge and experience with you could take your training to the next level and allow you to push further than ever before. Training in a group will also allow you to develop new skills such as drafting when cycling and a mass swim start for triathlon. This will add a new dimension to your training and is something you wouldn’t get at the gym. In order to make the most of it, find a friendly, local club who train at times that suit you and your routine.

Workout at home

You don’t need an expensive gym membership and heaps of time to make the most of your workout. You could do a no-equipment home workout for when you’re stuck inside, whether that is because of the weather or family and work commitments. Make the most of your home workout by using everyday household items such as cans for added resistance or get your family involved to make it more fun. Small, inexpensive equipment such as a resistance band or skipping rope also provide a means to really push yourself and work even harder to get better results.

Discover a new passion

Being stuck in a stuffy gym isn’t for everyone and taking your workout outside could spark a new passion. Trail running, open water swimming, hiking, and climbing are all hugely enjoyable sports that can take you to new places and help you experience new things. Not only this, they will work your body in a way it has never been worked before and so you will achieve even better results. Keeping things fresh and mixing it up will always be beneficial – for mind, body, and soul alike – so explore your surroundings and you’ll never know what you may find!

About the author: Alex is a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist as well as a marathon runner and endurance cyclist. Alex works for Sundried, a premium ethical activewear brand with pioneering collections of sustainable fitness clothing made from recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles.


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