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How to Stop Snacking

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on January 9, 2017

stop snacking

Most of us snack at some point or another. It is nearly expected of everyone to snack from time to time. And snacks, sweet or savoury, are around us everywhere! No wonder it’s so hard to stop entertaining our cravings. A long time ago, humans eat in a more irregular pattern and in a smaller amount. As our culture and civilisation evolve our meal portion gets bigger and bigger and at the same time we maintain our ancient snacking habit. You can argue that snacking is part of human nature! If you found your snacking habit starting to get troublesome, here are a few tips on how to curb snacking habits.

1. Don’t go cold turkey. It is far better to give yourself an allocation of snacks that you could eat occasionally throughout the week than to forbid them altogether. Let yourself have a snack once in a while and it is likely your snack cravings will reduce, rather than dropping it altogether and cave in only a few days afterwards.

2. Chocolate is good to eat and does not deserve to be banned forever. As with many other snacks. Try to include various more healthy alternative to substitute confectionary products or sugar laden sweets. That goes for savoury snack as well.

3. Beware the hidden sugars in things such as fruits juice and smoothies – it is far better to eat real fruits than to slurp down packaged and processed juices. Especially ones that have added sugar in it. It might do you more harm than good!

4. Shop after your meal. You will find it simpler to resist the sugar aisle temptation if you shop after you have eaten. Study shows that temptation to purchase extra items that are not on your list is less on a full stomach.

5. Reward yourself with the occasional little indulgence when you have kept yourself off the snacks for a good period of time.

6. Figure out when you are most prone to snacking. Maybe your snack attacks happen most often during a casual fridge raid in the middle of the night. Whenever you’re most vulnerable to snacking, determine what’s triggering the desire to snack.

6. Procrastinate. Typically, procrastination is seen as a bad thing. If you hesitate about whether or not you must eat that snack, you might manage to put off snacking for minutes or hours. Just delaying the decision to snack for 5 minutes might help you to go snack free for the whole day. You will feel good as you manage to conquer the temptation.

7. Drink water. One of the easiest and most important thing you can do is to replace drinking sodas with water. Sodas and diet sodas contain so much sugar and artificial sweetener that can increase risk of diabetes and other health problems.

8. Build a habit – as with many other habits, quitting or improving might be a long journey that you have to continue to pursue. Give yourself some room or time to get there, but never give up on it!

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