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“I Love What I Do” – How Sarah Went From Being a Corporate Lawyer to a “Funtrepreneur”

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on October 19, 2015

Until two months ago, Sarah Holloway was a Melbourne based mergers and acquisitions lawyer, running her own matcha company on the side. She had dreams to run her own successful business “one day in the future.” Today this self-proclaimed funtrepreneur is one half of “Matcha Maiden,” an organic matcha company that she established with her partner Nic Davidson. To find out her aspirations, career objectives, and any advice she has for others wanting to start up their own business, we spoke to the Maiden herself. After all, not everyone establishes their own successful business at just 26!

“I didn’t waste any time starting work,” proclaims Sarah. “My first job ever was with the Australian Ballet, dancing in Madame Butterfly in one of the children’s roles when I was about 8.”

She studied law and arts in university, and naturally went on to work as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer.

But for a sassy businesswoman this just wasn’t enough, and through the success of her “side-gig”, turned her aspiration of owning and running her own successful business into her reality.

Amidst her success Sarah has remained modest, exclaiming that she is still in shock that it all came together so soon.

“It’s been an absolute dream being able to make the transition into something I love within less than a year of starting the business,” she proclaims.

Much of Sarah’s advertising for Matcha Maiden is done via social media, predominantly Instagram (@matcha_maiden). Here she posts amazing photographs of food and desserts made with her product, as well as images that other businesses or bloggers have posted. With a staggering following of 48.9k, she credits much of her success to this tool, as all her followers are exposed to her amazing green powder each time she uploads a photograph.

“We couldn’t have gotten Matcha Maiden off the ground without social media,” Sarah admits.

“It is the most crucial tool for any new e-commerce business because it’s not only geographically unlimited, easy to use, and very highly engaged, it’s also free! It’s such a powerful way to market a product and get it out there as quickly as possible.”

Sarah says that managing her time efficiently between running a business, having a boyfriend, a social life and looking after is quite easy for her.

“Loving what I do means that motivation is never a problem, and I work with my boyfriend so that makes things much easier,” Sarah tells me.

“It is definitely getting harder as the business gets even busier, but I’ve always been good at time management. I’m much more efficient when I’m busy. If I don’t have much to do, I’m absolutely useless.”

And for anyone wanting to establish their own business, this 26-year-old “funtrepreneur” has a few words of wisdom:

  1. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will
  2. Nothing great ever came from comfort zones
  3. The grass is greener where you water it.
  4. Accept what you can’t change and change what you can’t accept.
  5. Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.

Through her success and wisdom Sarah has remained grounded, modest, happy and down to Earth.

“I wouldn’t say that I’m sane, in fact I’m pretty crazy – most people who know me know that I bounce off the walls. I get overcome with happiness and excitement a lot of the time!”


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