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Jaci Bailey is a Woman on a Mission

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on October 19, 2015

 At the age of 27 most of us have no idea what we want to do with our lives or what we want from our careers. In fact, a recent study concluded that millenials will change careers 7 times during their working lives. Careers, not jobs! But 27-year- old Melbourne based entrepreneur Jaci Bailey already has 2 successful businesses under her belt, and there is no stopping her now…

Jaci the proud founder and owner of 12Health, a health food company that provides dairy, gluten and lactose free food mixes for the health conscious. But this self-admitting “definition of food intolerances” has not always been the matron of health and wellbeing.

Growing up, Jaci had dreamt of being an architect. She would spend hours making floor plans for houses and designing them on (the coolest ultra 90s) video game, ‘The Sims’. When her parents would demand that she did her homework, her response was “I am working!”

But she initially found success with her Melbourne based fashion store called ‘Jaci Bailey’. Her passion towards sewing began a few years earlier, when her mum received a sewing machine for Mothers Day. She chuckled as she reminisced about her mum’s hilarious sewing attempt, making tracksuit pants out of fairy fabric, which resulted in 2 left legs. “Sorry mum.”

So Jaci took over the sewing machine, creating what she confessed to be “horrendous” clothes for her dolls. As she got older she began making dresses for herself, gaining inspiration from a friend who paid $500 for a dress. “I could make that for $20,” she thought to herself, and she did.

“I wore it once, popped it on eBay and ended up selling it for $300. It all started form there. I replicated the same one, again for around $20 and sold it for a profit. By the time I was 17 I was making and selling 10 or more dresses a week.

“This resulted in my first ‘real’ business.”

At only 17, Jaci had a store in Melbourne and supplied dresses to over 50 stores all over Australia.

“I usually leave the house with odd socks and its rare to catch me not wearing a t-shirt, denim and converse and to be honest fashion was never really my thing, so this only lasted 5 or so years.”

Jaci’s ‘thing’ is definitely health food, and right now she is definitely rocking that sphere with 12 Health.

But there’s no stopping this entrepreneurial force. With a string of successful businesses behind her and an optimistic future full of goals and dreams, there is no way Jaci is going to quit now.

“I definitely think at some point I will go into property or interior design but I am more than happy baking away for as long as possible!”

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