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The Real Reason Jamie Oliver is Leading The Food Revolution

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on December 3, 2015

Cooking: Once upon a time this little activity was passed from generation to generation, a skill learnt by helping our mothers and grandmothers create food to nourish and sustain our family. Now, in 2015, the majority of families will eat out night after night and choose a ‘quick & easy’ option when dining in. There is no harm in doing this – or is there? Statistically, obesity rates are soaring, children as young as 8 are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and overall, diet related illnesses are the worlds biggest killers. Jamie Oliver has looked at what’s happening and is taking action – and has called for your help. 

Introducing Food Revolution day – a campaign too implement mandatory food education for all children worldwide. Jamie and his team are attempting to inspire families to cook again and empowering us all against the fight of obesity. Now, I know us foodies are pretty into our cooking, and the idea of not being able to whip up a sweet potato sugar free flourless chocolate brownie cake on any given Sunday strikes us as strange but be assured – we are the minority. 

We are the smaller portion of people that know the havoc that sugar and other toxins can play in the body, and similarly we understand the difference in wellness when you’re having a healthy diet and one that is… not so healthy (we’ve all been there!). Others aren’t so fortunate, and as a result will eat poorly, load their bodies with sugar / fat / salt / fast food, resulting in obesity and a host of other illnesses.

We, the empowered, enlightened ones, need to stand up and fight for others to have the same health and wellness as we share. Whether it’s due to a lack of education, poor parenting or whatever else, children and adults who simply don’t know any better should not have to suffer. All it takes is a little education, guidance and experimenting…. and voila – they are have the full health potential they should have always had. One that allows them to live freely, fully and to their greatest capacity.

You can support Jamie’s food education campaign by signing and sharing his petition calling on all G20 countries to get involved and help our kids.
Read more at www.foodrevolutionday.com

Written by Olivia Arezzolo, co-founder and trainer at Bondi Outdoor: a holistic group training space offering everything from boxing to bootcamp to yoga. With a background in psychology alongside her personal training, Olivia offers both fitness training and wellness consultations to her clients, with a focus on improving health behaviours and beliefs.

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