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Fud Revolution and The Future of Healthy Eating

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on December 4, 2015

What if you were told that vending machines could be associated with health, wellness, charity and recycling? Laura and Dane have achieved the unbelievable, establishing health food vending machines The Fud Revolution. These healthy powerhouses stock hand made, gluten and sugar free, low fructose, vegetarian, vegan, paleo and FODMAP friendly salads around Melbourne.

“The idea started as my boyfriend and business partner, Dane, and I were always on the go while trying to be health conscious,” Laura explains.

“I am vegetarian and am always dabbling in different diets, including gluten and sugar free, and he was venturing into paleo. Because we were so busy we often didn’t prepare meals, often getting caught out while we were out and about.”

Laura and Dane also knew many others with similar health and lifestyle concerns, as well as allergies and food intolerances, and started thinking, “where do they get their snacks?” Their aim was to help people fuel their bodies with good food wherever they were, and so the health food vending machine was born.

The salads that Laura and Dane create are all hand-made, using top quality seasonal produce and the highest nutritional profile in each jar.

This dynamic duo source their produce from “Spade and Barrow,’ a fruit and vegetable supplier which visits small local farms, retrieving what are called “the seconds.” These are produce that supermarkets won’t buy, and would otherwise be wasted.

“Our salad range is always fresh and in season, based on what “Spade and Barrow” supply us with,” says Laura.

Laura develops her recipes with the help of a nutritionist who ensures that each salad is nutritionally valuable.

“If I want a salad to be high in protein she would tell me what to add,” she tells me. “We work through them together so that every ingredient in every jar is valuable to the body.”

The Fud Revolution’s salads are prepared fresh every morning with a large amount of attention and detail. Laura and Dane wake up at 4:30am each day and fill the containers with the different salad recipes one by one, hand delivering them to their vending machines daily before they head off to work.

And if there are any left over, the salads are sent to Homeless of Melbourne, a charity mission that they both value dearly.

“We have a fridge their store which stocks all the salads that haven’t sold within 24 hours. The homeless can pop into the store and grab one whenever they want.”

Their vending machines are made out of recycled timber and their jars are constructed of BPA free recycled plastic, which they usually encourage people to re-use.

“You can either return them to us and we will recycle them or you can throw them into your regular recycling bin.”

The first vending machine that The Fud Revolution launched was in Westfield Doncaster. Laura and Dane are about to launch 4 more vending machines in Melbourne Central and office towers in Melbourne’s CBD, and in early 2016 they will be popping up in major hospitals and universities. In the second half of next year, The Fud Revolution is taking their healthy vending machines interstate.

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