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Love sugar-free baking and healthy cooking? Get inspired from over a hundred pages of delicious desserts and healthy food recipes. Each issue of the You won’t believe is sugar-free magazine cookbook offers a variety of desserts and easy to make tasty meals ready for you to enjoy. Now you can have your very own magazine turned into a healthy cookbook with over 100 pages of sugar-free dessert recipes made with Natvia 100% natural sweetener.

Each issue is full of mouth-watering, yummy treats to keep you going on your healthy, sugar-free lifestyle.



Issue 1

120 recipes that won’t hurt
your waistline. Check out the first ever issue of the You won't believe it's sugar-free magazine. Browse through over a hundred pages full of delicious recipes and keeping it healthy and sweet with Natvia 100% natural sweetener. You can find everything from traditional dessert recipes to world wine known and loved desserts. 

Issue 2

100+ recipes! Lose weight but don’t
lose the taste This winter warmers issue magazine will bring you all the inspo you need to indulge in your favourite sweet treats without losing the sweet taste. Virtually calorie free and with no added sugar, Natvia is the perfect companion for all the sweet tooth people out there. Using Natvia 100% natural sweetener you can have your cake and eat it too, with none of the extra calories or any nasties. YUM!

Everybody knows Christmas is all about food but most importantly lots of cakes and sweet treats. Keep your festive season desserts tasting with the same sweetness but healthier, with no sugar added. The Christmas issue of the You won't believe it's sugar free brings you the inspiration you will need to get in the Christmas spirit and bake your favourite treats without any nasties. Natvia 100% natural sweetener has zero impact on blood sugar levels and it is diabetic friendly.

Get your copy from leading supermarkets. Available only in AU and NZ.



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