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Matcha, More Than Your Average Tea

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on January 19, 2016


Hey kombucha, kefir and kale, could you please shift a little, we need to make room for the newest “super-food” on the block!

Unless you have been living under a green rock recently you would have heard about matcha – a green powder made from stone-grinding green tea leaves. To get the complete insight into this “wonder-powder” we spoke to Melbourne’s very own Sarah Holloway, one half of organic matcha company, Matcha Maiden.

The miracle of matcha is still largely untapped within the Australian market, allowing for “super-food” superheros Sarah Holloway, and her boyfriend/business partner Nic to establish Matcha Maiden after travelling through Japan, and discovering that this miraculous green stuff was everywhere.

The Japanese have been embracing matcha for centuries. Sarah explains that it has been used in ceremonies as well as by Zen Buddhist monks in their meditative practices, prepared with a bamboo whisk and hot water.

It is established that green tea is a very healthy drink, so what makes matcha so incredibly beneficial?

“Matcha has up to 137 x the antioxidants of regular green tea per serve, which is more than 10 x that of blueberries!” Sarah exclaims.

“It also has up to 10 x the overall nutritional content and all the potential health benefits of green tea but in higher concentrations– it can enhance metabolism, immunity, energy, focus and overall wellbeing.”

This way instead of discarding them, the entire tea becomes ingested, offering a plethora of anti-oxidant power, which Sarah says has even been associated with cancer and disease prevention, blood sugar regulation and blood pressure reduction. As the Matcha Maiden herself exclaimed “where has it been all our lives?”

Some have never heard of it, and others swear by it. Either way, it’s currently trending throughout the health sphere. But don’t get me wrong – just because matcha is having its moment, I doubt it will be going anywhere. It has been used within Asia for centuries and now that people from all over the world have been exposed to and are reaping the multitude of health benefits this powerhouse provides, we don’t think this “trend” will ever go away!

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