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Natural sweeteners that will leave you bitter

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on April 22, 2016

Natural sweeteners that will leave you bitter

When is going sugar free not sugar free? When it’s filled with sugar substitutes that often do more harm than good. Find out why these four natural sweeteners aren’t so sweet after all:

1. Agave: Agave has more fructose than table sugar, which means it has a lower GI and is less likely to cause blood sugar spikes. Good right? Not really – the high fructose content means that it reduces your metabolism and can also cause digestive issues. It also has pretty much the same amount of kilojoules as sugar.

2. Rice Malt Syrup: Rice malt syrup is nearly all glucose, which means it has a very high GI. This isn’t ideal for diabetics or anyone looking to control their blood sugar levels. 

3. Honey: Honey doesn’t raise blood sugar as quickly as table sugar, and it is prized for its antibacterial properties. Even though it does have its good points, it’s important to remember that honey is still sugar (fructose and glucose, specifically) and so should be used sparingly. The same goes for maple syrup, which has similar sugar content.

4. Dates: You’ll see dates in a lot of ‘sugar free’ recipes – they’re the darlings of the raw and vegan crew. It’s easy to think that just because they’re fruit, they must be healthier than sugar. The problem with this is that fruit is high in sugar anyway, and dates doubly so because they’re dried. The sugar is concentrated, so you get more with every bite.

Fruit isn’t all bad though! It does contain good things that our body needs like fibre, vitamins and minerals. Just be mindful that (like all good things) moderation is key.

So where does Natvia fit in? Well, unlike these guys above, it’s got almost no calories – only 0.4g per teaspoon. It also has no effect on blood sugar levels, so it’s perfect for diabetics. Plus, it’s completely natural!



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