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Natvia and Women’s Weekly T&C’s

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on June 8, 2018

Be featured in Australia’s number one magazine, The Australian Women’s Weekly!




  1. Your own, original, Christmas themed, refined sugar-free recipe.
  2. Make sure your email address and name is correct so we can contact you.
  3. Include your social media handle.
  4. NOTE: Images must not be watermarked.



  1. Winner will receive a full-page recipe feature in Natvia x Women’s Weekly Christmas cookbook.
  2. Winner will receive a trip to Bali. This includes accommodation at Swiss-Belresort Watu Jumbar and return flights paid for.
  3. Winner will have 12 months from date of winning to leave for Bali.
  4. 3 runner-ups will feature together on one page in a Natvia x Women’s Weekly flipbook.



  1. Image resolution: All images must be sent in high resolution, 300dpi
  2. Images should be taken vertically, showing the entire dish. All décor must fit inside the entire frame of the image.
  3. Don’t clutter images too much and do not take images very close to the dish.
  4. Images taken from above work well for recipes in a bowl or a thin dish.
  5. Images taken front-on and at a slightly low angle work well for most recipes.





  1. Submissions open until July 6 2018.
  2. Voting will take place online from July 8 2018 to July 22 2018.
  3. The top four places, including the winner, will be based on the number of votes each submission receives, with the winner having the most votes and the three runner-ups having the second, third, and fourth most amount of votes.
  4. Entrant can only hold one position in the top four places. If multiple positions are held, the submission with the highest amount of votes will invalidate the submission with the lower amount of votes.
  5. Only 2 submissions per entrant. If more than 2 have been submitted, only the first 2 will be counted.
  6. Submissions without images or working links to their social profiles will not be valid.
  7. Social media profiles must be public.
  8. Top recipes selected by Natvia will be voted against.



  1. Recipe and images submitted must be entrant’s own work and must not be plagiarised pieces of content.
  2. Recipe must use Natvia as their sweetener of choice.
  3. Recipe must not use any variation of processed sugars, including but not limited to; white sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar, caster sugar and icing sugar.
  4. Recipes must not use any variation of syrup, including but not limited to; honey, maple syrup, rice malt syrup, golden syrup, corn syrup and brown rice syrup.
  5. Recipes must not use dried fruits, or products that contain sugar in them.
  6. Images must not be watermarked.
  7. Images must be print ready. Natvia has the right to not include images it deems no ready for print.




By submitting your content,

  1. You agree that Natvia and The Australian Women’s Weekly & Woman’s Day can freely use this content (all images and recipe) in their publications, crediting you as the creator.
  2. You allow The Australian Women’s Weekly & Woman’s Day to reproduce your content, physically and digitally.
  3. You acknowledge there is no monetary exchange whatsoever for the distribution of this content.


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