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Natvia Celebrates Brownie Day 4 Ways!

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on December 8, 2016

brownie day

Happy Brownie Day!

Rock out on brownie day with our Healthy Brownies 4 Ways!
Today the 8th of December is officially national Brownie Day! (maybe not our national day but we’ll take it anyway, yew!)

Natvia loves to celebrate any dessert celebration day and why not have a throwback Thursday as well? Natvia has compiled a throwback Thursday quick collection of our best healthy brownie recipes that were made entirely sugar free. The best way to celebrate brownie day is to get down to some healthy and clean baking with Natvia!

Celebrate brownie day by watching or making some awesome sugar free recipes such as the ones that we are throwing back to today (8th Dec – being world brownie day)!

Below you can find the links for the best brownie recipes that Natvia has made since the birthing of our healthy treats video series. Natvia’s Healthy Treats youtube channel is our own personal archive of healthy dessert recipes not to mention healthy brownies!

Healthy Brownies 4 Ways

  1. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownies – Sugar Free
  2. Sugar Free Smores Brownies
  3. Quick and Gooey Sugar Free Brownies
  4. Sugar Free Classic Brownies

1. The peanut butter brownies were one of Natvia’s tastiest sugar free brownie recipes ever made. Mixing peanut butter with brownies is always a good decision, especially for those who love peanut butter (and brownies on brownie day of course).

2. This sugar free smores brownies recipe was a bit of a cheeky recipe as the marsh mellows were not exactly sugar free! However the base of the brownies and the rest of the recipe is a healthy brownie alternative!

3. Quick and Gooey Brownies recipe that is so easy our video only goes for 15 seconds! If you need to have your brownies immediately on brownie day, this is the recipe for you!

4. These classic brownies were the best! Literally if you are going to make any set of sugar free brownies that are healthy this is as classic as it gets! This is another awesome sugar free brownies variation that you can top and drizzle with cream/icing of your own choice!

Remember: Quitting sugar is one step at a time, baby steps are the way to go! Take the first step today on brownie day and enjoy some guilt free clean and healthy baking!


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