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Patch Café – Melbourne’s Paleo-centric Sanctuary

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on November 25, 2015

Tucked away in the old Channel 9 Studios, within the leafy domain of Richmond’s Bendigo Street you will find Patch Café. Co-founded by AFL star Tom Davidson and his business partner, Jacob Burke, this paleo-centric and clean food haven will have you wondering how healthy and organic food can taste so damn good!

Besides the tranquil location, the first thing you notice about Patch is the design of the interior. With sky-high ceilings and decorum that silently screams “Swedish simplicity meets industrial factory,” this bustling and down to earth eatery ensures that you feel comfortable and at home.

“We wanted to keep the interior raw and untouched, featuring elegant polished look with the stone benches,” co-owner Tom Davidson tells me.

“Just like our food, we wanted that juxtaposition of raw and elegant.”

Don’t be fooled by the phrases “paleo and raw.” The food at Patch is anything but bland. The menu is filled with delicious and nourishing options, which changes seasonally to ensure produce is fresh.

All your favourite egg classics are on there, including eggs benedict and chilli eggs, and they serve them poached, boiled, scrambled and everything else in between. The other well-knowns, but with a healthier, and truth be told, delicious twist are sweet potato hash browns, paleo bread and grass fed sirloin steak

There is opportunity to be more adventurous too. Serving organic kim-chi, coconut poached chicken, gypsy ham and locally sourced duck eggs, everyone from the local tradesman to the ladies leaving their midday yoga session will be left feeling nourished and satisfied.

Oh, and Patch also has coffee to boot. Also sourced locally from Brunswick’s Code Black, this amazing brew is served in retro 50’s-centric cups.

So besides serving beautiful food, what exactly does Patch stand for?

“I want patch to change the world by educating people to think about their food and know exactly where it’s coming from,” Tom urges.

“It’s a big part of it and we just want to be doing something really sustainable and hopefully contribute to impacting the world in a more green and positive, way.”


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