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3 Reasons Why Pilates Will Change Your Body Forever

Posted by: info@esthergodoy.com on January 21, 2016


Pilates – very on point right now and a favourite of supermodels all over the world, and with no surprise – it’s a sneaky way to develop your most toned bod ever. If this just lit up your eyes, read on and you’ll develop an appreciation of pilates faster than you can jump online to book your next session. 


abs1- It’s amazing for your core.
The controlled movements require our abs, hips and butt muscles to be switched on, tightened and tensed during the session, which leads to greater definition in these areas. 

shutterstock_1998292372- It lengthens out your body.
The core muscles activated in pilates are often based around the spine, which improves posture and encourages you to stand taller. Further, when you stretch out your muscles (which is frequently throughout your regular pilates session) you also stretch the ‘sleeve’ which holds your muscles in place called the myofascia. This allows your shape to be leaner rather than bulky.

3- It’s perfect for those with with injury, and also helps prevent it.
The low impact, controlled movements and emphasis on correct technique rather than repetitions means that even if you’ve got ankle / knee / hip problems (issues I deal with more often than not), you can still get a great work out. It also reduces the likelihood of being injured, given that it involves smooth, continuous movements rather than static poses.

So regardless of if you’re wanting to look like Candice or a newbie with a NY resolution to get fitter, pilates is definitely recommended. I will say though that having a certified instructor who knows the 4-11 is essential: maximum benefit through engaging your muscles properly is reliant upon specific movement patterns, so you want to be sure that you’re getting the right advice.

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