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Plain and simple: The benefits of boxing

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on February 25, 2016

boxing benefits

Boxing is a bit of a craze right now – everyone from your best friend to VS model Shenina Shaik is doing it. From a PT’s perspective, why do I encourage it and what’s it going to do for you?

Get your body into the fat burning zone – fast
The majority of boxing sessions take a leaf out of HIIT, in that you smash a bag / pad / another person (personal favourite) and have a short rest. With high reps and little resistance, your body’s metabolic rate is firing away for up to 24 hours after you leave.

Tones your arms
Running, cycling, cross training… all wonderful exercises for cardio fitness, but they neglect your upper limbs. The action of punching forces you to tense your muscles over an extended period of time – and this means that the ‘frame’ of our muscles are tightened – creating a smaller overall shape. We can’t specifically ‘spot’ reduce fat – ie. burn it from one area only – but we can alter the framework from which our fat hangs.

You WILL feel good
Any article on boxing has to highlight that it allows you to unleash your anger, sadness, anxiety and any other emotions you’re experiencing. I often get my clients to tell me any issues that they are sorting through pre-boxing, and when they are punching, I’ll repeat it to them and yell “LET IT OUT!” There’s nothing more powerful than a physical release of stress – your dopamine and serotonin levels go through the roof, leaving you with that feeling of absolute zen.

For those who haven’t boxed before, I highly recommend seeing a trainer as they can teach you correct technique to maximise calorie expenditure and prevent injury. Boxing in a group is super fun, and a healthy activity to share with your girlfriends or partner. And will leave you feeling absolutely smashing…. literally!

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