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Is your poo schedule normal?

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on March 11, 2016

Is your poo schedule normal?

For the sake of politeness, you probably don’t talk too much about your bathroom habits. Well, apologise to your grandma because we’re about to get impolite up in here.

Let’s get right to the personal questions: how often do YOU poo? You’ve probably been told to aim for one number two every day, but is it normal to only poo every few?

If you’re worrying that your body is less than regular, we’ve got some good news for you: you don’t have to poo every day to be normal. In fact, less than half the population defecates daily.

Everybody’s digestion patterns are different. Most people actually have irregular bowel habits, so don’t worry if your body isn’t like clockwork.

So what’s considered normal? Anywhere from one to three times daily at the more frequent end of the poo scale, through to only three times a week. As long as you know how often you go, anywhere within this range is fine.

Even if you’re slightly more or less frequent than this, it isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, as long as you’re feeling well.

But I’m not feeling well!  

About 20% of Aussies over 30 will experience constipation at some point in their lives. If you notice you’re visiting the toilet less frequently than normal, or you’re experiencing pain, strain or discomfort on the loo, you could be constipated. Abdominal bloating or discomfort is another sign something might not be right down below.

But don’t get bound up – there are ways to reduce it.

Number one for better number twos is to make sure you’re getting plenty of fibre. It’s recommended that adults get between 25 and 30 grams of fibre per day for healthy bowels. Whole grains, beans, and fresh vegetables and fruit are all good sources of dietary fibre. Chia seeds are particularly high in fibre, containing six grams of fibre per tablespoon.

Processed foods and food high in sugars can all actually cause constipation, so limit these if you want to use the toilet with ease.

It’s also important to make sure you’re drinking enough water to keep everything running smoothly.

And try not to hold it in – delaying going to the toilet when you need to can make the problem worse.

If you frequently experience symptoms of constipation, make sure to see your doctor. But remember, don’t panic if it’s been a few days between poos. The bottom line is, you don’t need to be once-a-day to be healthy and normal!

Keen to know more about what goes on in your digestion? Or just plagued by a family member’s pungent contributions? Check out Fart Facts for the science behind the smell.


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