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Practice What You Preach – Even in Paris

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on October 19, 2015

What happens when you take a nutritionist and health coach and place her in one of the most indulgent cities in the world? Well, quite frankly, you get a balanced approach between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and splurging while on a holiday. New Zealand native Kate Walker explains how she managed to maintain her wellness regime while wondering the streets of Paris with her chocolate croissant and pastry-devouring husband.

“Practising what I preach is very important to me. I don’t eat pastries, breads and sweet things at home so it wasn’t really on my radar when overseas,” says Kate.

As a nutritionist it is important that she plays the part and shows her clients how they too can eat well on holidays, especially with Christmas fast approaching.

Tucking to a healthy and filling breakfast of eggs, ham, cheese, fruit and yoghurt, Kate managed to ward off snack attacks. And if cravings did strike she was ready with her artillery – her own healthy snacks consisting of nuts and prunes and protein bars, letting her resist the urge to buy impulsive or junk foods.

“This looked hilarious as my husband was eating a Nutella crepe and I whipped out my nuts and prunes,” she laughs.

But health conscious Kate is only human. She confesses that she did have one cheese croissant and a ham baguette plus some desserts and cake at her friend’s wedding.

“I had a game plan which was to save my sugar points for the night of the wedding. I ordered savoury crepes with cheese and tomato while my husband was going crazy with the Nutella. And I certainly drank a few glasses of Champagne while in Champagne!”

Keeping a healthy balance was definitely Kate’s plan of attack, and she maintained her exercise routines by walking, going for runs and even doing some body weight exercises in shoe box sized hotel rooms.

“It’s all about balance, when I wanted to drink wine I did but then I would watch the next day’s food intake.”

So with the festive, and lets face it, food season just around the corner, I asked Kate for some tips on how to stay healthy and keep the scales in check while being bombarded with lavish lunches and dinner parties.

“Don’t go crazy! Have a plan…I always have a plan,” she insists.

“She swears by keeping a balance. “You don’t always need to have a mince pie at every occasion. Pick and choose which occasions you want to splurge on, rather than every one! That way you feel apart of the festivities but won’t break your good efforts. You can also do a little more exercise the next day to balance it.”

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