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Quick tips to perfect meal prep

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on February 24, 2016

perfect meal prep

This is one of the most important things I do that keeps me on track, saves me time and also saves me money. I can’t stress this enough that preparation is key to success for maintaining healthy eating habits and will prevent you from making those not so healthy choices that many resort to. It is a lot easier than you think and for someone starting out, I want to go through some tips that can help you. It takes me only approximately 1 hour of my time on a Sunday and it prepares both my lunch to take to work and dinner ready for me when I get home. For breakfast I like to make this each morning before work and as a night snack I usually have some Miss K healthy dessert treats.

I will use this week’s example for lunch and dinner below so you can see what I do. Also one item that has made my life so much easier is a quality slow cooker/rice cooker. I can’t recommend this enough for convenience, saving time as well as the wide variety of things you can use it for.

LUNCH PREP FOR THE WEEK (approx. 15mins)

*Put 1-2kg of chicken breast in slow cooker with your favourite seasonings the night before so it’s ready the next morning.

*Boil potatoes and mixed vegetables in 2 pots

*Divide up my portions of each into 5 containers

DINNER PREP (15 min prep time + 50mins in oven)

*Bake eggplant lasagne (see below for my recipe)

*Microwave frozen green beans for 5mins on high

*Divide up my portions of each into 5 containers

*Note the calories for each serve are very low on these compared to traditional lasagne so I like to have 2 or even 3 serves

The key to success with any meal prep plan is to make sure you have tasty recipes that you will enjoy. It is possible to make delicious meals that are satisfying and are a lot healthier than the traditional versions. I have done this with all my Miss K healthy desserts and am now going to start doing more and more savoury dishes like the eggplant lasagne above to help with ideas for lunch and dinner.

My essentials list of items that you probably don’t know about

Instead of listing all the obvious healthy items that everybody knows and has read about before such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean proteins etc. I want to list some items that I frequently use that may not be as obvious. Many of these are items that make my list because they allow me to make my meals delicious and flavourful without the usual added calories that their traditional versions have. Yes, Australia doesn’t have as much variety as other countries such as America, but I have over time found a lot in Coles and Woolworths, which I will share below. Substituting some of these items into your diet will save you a lot of calories which will make your diet easier if your dieting or even if your not then it will allow you to eat a lot more food then you were before without eating more calories. I don’t know about anyone else but I am always hungry so this has helped me out a lot.

The list

-Spud lite potatoes (2/3 calories of regular potatoes)

-Natvia (sugar substitute which makes all my Miss K desserts possible)

-No added sugar tomato and bbq sauces by Fountain (these use Natvia also)

-Lite sweet chilli sauce by Ayam (4 calories per serve)

-99% fat free mayo by Praise

-Hot sauces (eg Siracha)


-Sauerkraut (I love this mixed in many of my meals at 25 calories per cup)

-French’s yellow mustard

-Xanthan gum(thickener for shakes to make milkshake-like without any calories)

-Almond milk (milk substitute)

-Popcorn (great snack for only 110 calories a cup)

-Lite jelly (only 28 calories for a whole 500g)

-Diet soft drink

-Miracle noodles (vegetable noodle) or make your own at home

-Live Cheese by Kraft (lower calorie cheese that is high in protein)

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