Looking for some healthy meal ideas? Get inspired with these delicious salad recipes!

A healthy lifestyle is at the core of all the Natvia values, we believe in sweet natural living and healthy eating. Whoever said salads are boring has no idea how to make one. With so many fresh vegetables and infusion of spices, salad making can definitely be fun and tasty! Don’t believe us? That’s ok because Natvia has plenty to recipes to prompt your appetite and suit your taste buds. Browse through the Natvia range of delicious salad recipes and get inspired to make your own. Whether you enjoy having meat in your salad, are a passionate vegetarian or love all seafood, there are options for everybody.

Get meal prep ready with our delicious roasted cauliflower and dukkah egg salad, an ideal refreshing dish for any lunch or dinner occasion. Or maybe you’d like to try something different like our thai style noodle salad, perfect for a light dinner option. Cook up a yummy brunch for you and your loved ones with these delicious tomato, onion and basil vegetable patties and team them up with some rocket and balsamic vinegar on the side. A favourite winter treat, the roast pumpkin feta pine nut salad is a wonderful dish for those looking to treat themselves to a warming, tasty meal. Whip up the Natvia pineapple salsa as the perfect dip or maybe get creative by making the delicious thai fish cakes…

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means that you must pay attention to what you eat. Sometimes it can be hard to understand what ingredients go best together to create a delicious meal, but Natvia has you covered with plenty of yummy ideas. Discover the fun of healthy eating and spice up your day with any of these salads!

To get the full recipe method, click on the recipes below.




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