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Staying fit in winter: Here’s how

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on April 19, 2016

Staying fit in winter- Here’s how

Winter spells nights in by the heater, drinking cup after cup of hot chocolate (preferably Du Chocolat!) and baking copious amounts of sugar free banana bread“for your friends”. As delicious and delightful as this all is, it can often lead to us feeling sluggish, our physical activity levels plummeting and feeling not so spectacular about our bodies. From a girl who lets nothing stop her favourite pilates x circuit sessions, here’s how to stay fit during these chilly months.

Make the most of the sunny weather. So you probably are used to doing the Bondi to Bronte on a Saturday morning in the glorious sunshine but when it drizzles, you opt for the cafe option with your almond milk latte and a treat of a raw cake. Now, nothing against this, but all the time – it really starts to impact your physical being. So allow yourself to head indoors when the weather is sad and gloomy, but when the sun peeks out – grab a coat and go for that walk.

Train indoors. I know, crazy it seems, and I understand that the gym is a) not everyone’s cup of tea and b) sometimes not affordable; but it IS feasible to do an incredible workout using your body weight and the objects around you at home – stairs and chairs are my favourites. A simple circuit of 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off of the following exercises – high knees, push ups, jumping squats, tricep dips and crunches – will send you into a sweat, rain, hail or shine. How easy was that?

Stay healthy. Again, weird concept I know, but many of us almost look forward to the winter months where we hide under layers of clothing and have an excuse to overindulge (six nights in a row). Regardless of summer, winter or whatever, you still need to be healthy. Lucky that by choosing sugar free treats a-la our recipe section, you’ll be able to enjoy your foods while still staying on the lighter side of life.

So, there you go. You’ve got your advice, and now – the rest is up to you. Here at Natvia HQ, we want you to feel awesome – all year round. So make the most of the baking weather, creative indoor workouts and crisp mornings along the coast. Before you know if it will be back to bikini season and you’ll be craving that Sunday morning smell of banana and walnut bread.

Written by Olivia Arezzolo, who usually hibernates in winter at her favourite gyms, in her kitchen (only when it smells like aforementioned banana bread) and cafes who serve her mugs of chai tea. She is a personal trainer, wellness writer and co-founder of outdoor group fitness studio Bondi Outdoor. However, this winter she’s chosen to escape the cold and is currently sitting in the jungle in Bali getting her zen on… but of course, still keeping up her circuit workouts. To contact her, please email [email protected]

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