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Success Story: Alison Marais

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on March 29, 2017

quitting sugar

Alison Marais shares her success story about quitting sugar. Her life completely changed when she stopped her sugar-habits and embarked on a low carb high fat (LCHF) diet. Losing weight and feeling more energetic were two of the main changes Alison noticed almost straight away and with that she kept going on her new healthy lifestyle. She now loves living a life with no refined sugar and focusing on her health.

Read Alison’s success story below.

What motivated you to quit sugar?

I didn’t recognise myself in photos and portion control and exercise weren’t working for me.

How long before you noticed results?

Immediately. After the initial withdrawal from sugar I lost 6kgs in a week, felt more clear headed, had much more energy, no cravings, more stable moods,  and all without exercise.

How did you come across Natvia? 

My mum has kept it in her house for several years and we occasionally cooked with it. When I embarked on my Low Carb High Fat lifestyle they highlighted that Stevia was an acceptable sugar substitute so I thought I would give it a go.

How did your life change once you quit sugar?

As I said above, I have so much more energy, I sleep better, I function better, more clear headed, no lethargy when the blood sugar comes down, no cravings, no mood swings, no permanent medication. Overall I am a better person.

How is your diet now compared to when you were a sugar consumer? 

I now follow a Low Carb High Fat lifestyle and regularly fast naturally. It is full of good wholesome food that don’t spike the blood sugar and get the body relying on its natural fat stores for energy rather than blood sugar. Lots of meat, vegetables, and good fats. I don’t count calories or watch my portions – I listen to my body for when I need to eat and when I need to stop (things I have learned to do since quitting sugar as my eating habits are no longer controlled by blood sugar levels and the need to feed the sugar monster.

Do you have a quitting sugar success story? Send us an email and let us know.

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