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Success Story: Ngahuia Davey

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on March 21, 2017


Quitting sugar Success-Story: 

After a long and dreaded journey using sugar, New Zealand based Ngahuia Davey decided she had enough. She finally took the plunge and gave up sugar. She started using Natvia and realised she could still eat delicious treats, by just replacing sugar with it. After just 6 month, a visit to her doctor resulted in happy tears. Ngahuia was told she was no longer a type 2 diabetic and that he overall functioning has improved. Since quitting sugar, she has been feeling more energetic and active.

What motivated you to quit sugar?

The thought of injecting myself with insulin for 5 years

How long before you noticed results?

Almost straight away, I still got the great taste but without the sugar highs and lows

How did you come across Natvia?

Believe it or not I was just looking in the supermarket and it was just there… really just there, so while standing in the aisle I googled Natvia, liked what I read and went with it.  Its great.. I have sugar free pancakes yummy….

How did your life change once you quit sugar?

All for the best, for me sugar was my drug, I loved it and it loved me in so many ways, I piled on the weight and could not move it even though I was active.  I sought the help to quit sugar with a hypnotist (Lyn Davis) because I did not think I could do it on my own, with her help I have dropped 48kgs

How is your diet now compared to when you were a sugar consumer?

So much better I can still have the occasional treat, I just use Natvia, I still make muffins and pancakes etc, and my children eat them as well, and have had no complaints

Thanks Ngahuia for sharing your story with us, you are an inspiration to many.

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