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Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on February 7, 2017

sugar-free February

Why give up sugar?

Obesity in a global problem and also prevalent in Australia. 64% of Australian adults are overweight or obese according to government body AIHW. Obesity leads to many health problems and it is caused by many factors, one which is sugar consumption. Regardless whether you have a sugar habit or you just fancy a sweet treat occasionally, doing a sugar detox for certain period of time can do you a whole world of good. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit so one good way to kick start your quitting sugar journey is doing a sugar free month. And Sugar Free February is the perfect time to do it.

How to do Sugar Free February

Sugar in the form of glucose and fructose is found in a lot of different foods including healthy whole grains, fruit and vegetables. These foods are essential to our health and wellbeing because so many other nutrients and vitamins accompany the sugars found here. What you WILL want to avoid are “free sugars” that are found in soft drinks, biscuits, sauces and even fruit juice. You will need to start reading product labels to determine if it fits the criteria of what you choose to give up. Find what you will and won’t consume, write it down and stick to it. The amazing has also created an amazing swap list that we think you should follow through:

  • Soft drinks, cordial, fruit juice, energy drinks. Swap with: water, if you don’t like plain water you can make a quick and easy infused water with lemon slices and other fruits as well.
  • Store bought condiments, sauces, and dressings. Swap with: homemade dressings made from fresh ginger, garlic, herb, lemon, lime, yogurt, and other spices.
  • Sugar in tea or coffee. Swap with: natural sweetener such as Natvia.
  • Commercial highly processed cereal. Swap with: rolled oats with berries and fruits.
  • Ice cream blocks, gelato. Swap with: low fat sugar free yogurt, smoothie bowl, or sorbet.
  • Sugary cakes, confectionary, store bought chocolate and lollies. Swap with: fruits, home made treats and desserts made with stevia.

By cutting down on sugar you can prevent the increase of health risk associated with obesity and other diseases like diabetes, at the same time you will also build a healthy habit that makes you eat better with more wholesome foods and fresh ingredients. To get you over the line, we have 3 prizes each worth $50 RRP for you to win. Tell us your sugar free story, share pictures of your creation or any successes and challenges you meet along the way.

Send it by email to: [email protected]

Get on Sugar Free February to live a better and healthier life!

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    1. Doreen says:

      Thank you for giving out more info on sugar free, there are so many hidden sugars in our food, we need more recipes and all the help available I have books and more books on sugar free but we need to know what we can replace it with where to purchase, Natia is a brilliant replacement thank you. I’ve been sugar free for 4 month now. It’s a help great with weight loss.

      1. Natvia Natural Sweetener says:

        Hi Doreen, it’s amazing that you are sugar free for 4 month! It can be a big journey to take but once you’re on it you feel so much better. Happy for you!

    2. I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic around 10 years ago. I thought that if I just cut out sweets and chocolate I would be ok. After speaking with a diabetes nurse I learned that sugar is actually hidden in many foods. I didn’t realise how much sugar there is in carbs like bread and how even natural sugars in fruit would make my blood sugars go sky high. Thank you so much for bringing out a natural product using stevia, it means I can still satisfy my sweet tooth without the guilt or the negative side effects (damage to organs from high blood sugar levels).

      1. Natvia Natural Sweetener says:

        Hi Nicki, happy that you’re on your journey and indeed sugar is everywhere these days! We understand giving up sugar can be hard that’s why we are here to make it easier 🙂
        Thank you!

    3. trish says:

      Late last year I went on the an 8 week blood sugar diet- it has changed my life-I have had psoriasis for over a decade- not any nore- my Dr, says I have cured myself. I have also lost the desire for sweet treats every day- now they are an occasional treat- last chocolate was over Christmas the next will be at Easter. I have more energy and I have lost weight as well as my skin improving- I am so very glad I have now made this cbange in my diet.

      1. Natvia Natural Sweetener says:

        Hi Trish, it’s amazing how you can change your body with diet and exercise. Psoriasis can be really disrupting to daily life and we are glad that you recovered from it!

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