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Sweet victory

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on September 18, 2015

Brisbane Baristas Roast the Competition at World’s Richest Barista Championships.

Brisbane’s own Natvia Sweet Team showed some of the world’s most accomplished baristas just how good the Brisbane coffee scene is by winning Café Cultures’ inaugural World’s Richest Barista Competition. Hosted at Brisbane’s Café Biz, teams of four Baristas competed head-to-head over two days vying for the title, the trophy and the $35,000 prize money.

The challenges set reproduced the pressure of a busy café environment where every coffee had to meet the three key criteria that matter most to the coffee crowd; fast service, excellent presentation and perfect quality.

Brisbane’s Barry Newell, Danny de Andrade, Scott Luengen together with Caloundra’s Tilly Sproule battled it out against 13 national teams to rein victorious, proving that Brisbane’s coffee game is the strongest.

Teammate Tilly Sproule confessed – “I won’t be able to wipe the grin off my face for quite some time”.

The Natvia Sweet Team was formed as a collaboration of passion for the coffee business, their motto: Fall in love with the product, fall in love with the industry, Barry couldn’t have put it better ‘Artisanship’.

While many thought it would be the coffee giants of Melbourne or Sydney that took the crown it was the Natvia Sweet Team that put Brisbane’s baristas on the menu in a big way!

If you are looking for a great coffee in your area check the guys out

Danny – Blue Sky Coffee – Newstead, Brisbane

Barry and Scott – Coffee Supreme – Woolloongabba, Brisbane

Tilly – Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar & Tim Adams Specialty Coffee – Caloundra

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