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Take the Quiz: Are You Addicted to Sugar?

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on February 15, 2017

the sugar quiz

Today we are going to talk about the one of the biggest issues in our society. Are you addicted to sugar? Sugar addiction is a big problem as it disrupts your mood and also change your eating habit leading to health problems like obesity and diabetes. Study shows that sugar is actually more addictive than cocaine. Even 8 times more addictive. It is mind blowing that a commonplace ingredients easily found on our tables and cupboards are actually more addictive than one of the most harmful illegal substance. When sugar hits the bloodstream, it stimulates release of a brain chemical called dopamine, which makes you feel good, however that feeling is usually short-lived. Cutting sugar when you have been on the sugar addiction road might not be easy, but it’s never too late. Take this quiz to learn signs of sugar addiction!

Do you turn to sugar whenever you’re depressed?

The first and most reliable sign that you’re hooked up on sugar is when you turn to it whenever your feel that you’re not having a good day or when you feel depressed. As mentioned before sugar triggers the release of dopamine and when you’re feeling down, your brain craves for ‘feel-good’ hormone to be released. This leads to the habit of abusing sugar consumption to make yourself feel better about the day, or even about yourself.

Do you feel hungry or craving for sweets even after having a full meal?

Another sign of sugar addiction is thinking about sweet snacks after meals and eventually give in to having one. We all love a good serving of desserts and some meals are not complete without having a good taste of yummy dessert. Keeping a mindful approach on this will help you get through the cravings. A sugary chocolate bar from the supermarket is not a dinner dessert, as simple as that. If you feel the cravings coming for you, replace your supermarket bought treat with more healthy choices or ones that you can make yourself.

Do you happily chomp through two or three sugar snack bars every day?

Or when one bowl of cereal is not enough, and you have to have the second cereal bowl, with ice cream! Also not all cereals are healthy. Unless you are having high fiber content and non processed cereal ingredient like rolled oats and fresh fruits, off the shelf cereals can contain high level of sugar. Check their ingredients table to see whether the healthy cereals have actually been doing harm to you in disguise.

Do you eat chocolates and lollies and then hide the wrappers so no one else will know?

Sugar addiction can create many health risk and problems. But sugar addiction can also create psychological problem. It might be a sign of a bigger problem when you absolutely must do your sugar aisle shopping, stop and pause your activity to think about your cravings or even hide some of your sugar habit because you’re embarrassed of it.

Do you feel continuously hungry, tired with low energy? Are you going through withdrawal symptoms such as head aches when you stop consuming sugar?

These physical signs can be attributed to spikes and changes of blood sugar levels. It can be a warning sign of how your body behave differently compared to a normal person. Although there are also other contributing factors that can lead to this such as sleeping pattern and exercise habit.

If you answer yes to more than 3 of the questions above, you might want to take consideration and think about your eating habits, especially on your sugar consumption. As always, it is highly recommended that you seek professional medical advice.

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