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The diet that can reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on April 1, 2016

UK experts have found that just two months of dieting can reverse type 2 diabetes.

The disease has so far been thought to be incurable, but the trial points to a possible solution to the serious health problem. Even people who had been living with the disease for a decade reversed it.

The key was a serious crash diet over 8 weeks. Participants restricted their diet to only 700 calories a day for eight weeks. Amazingly, they lost an average of 30 lbs in just two months. After this time, they gradually increased their diet back to a healthy intake.

12 out of 30 participants had reversed their diabetes after the first eight weeks.

After six months, none of the participants has put the weight back on and their diabetes had not returned.

The study suggests that type 2 diabetics could be disease-free by losing weight and keeping it off.

Diabetes is caused when the body can’t produce the right levels of insulin to regulate blood sugar. Researchers explain that by losing weight, participants lost fat from around their pancreas, which then allows their body to produce insulin normally.

The team behind the study are now conducting a larger trial, to see whether this works for all Type 2 diabetics.

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