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5 KEYS to success with your “diet”

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on January 29, 2016

diet success

The reason people hate the word diet is because the majority of people have a negative connotation with this word and associate things such as cutting out/restriction of foods they enjoy. This is not the kind of perspective you should have, but instead look at what small simple changes you can make without restriction. An approach that I use, is instead of focusing on eating less, find ways to eat smarter while keeping you satisfied and full.

The word Diet from the dictionary;

“The kinds of food a person habitually eats”

The most important word above is habitually or making a habit, which can be difficult. The key is to make small changes to create a diet that is sustainable, delicious and in line with your health goals.

There is no need to go into an extreme diet such as paleo, no carbs, low fat, counting calories, super low calorie diets or detoxing. This can all be very confusing and difficult to sustain, as well as, not being necessary. Instead look at what you’re already doing and find ways to go through and make small changes.

The 5 KEYS to success with your “diet”

1. Preparation and planning

Have the right foods in your house so you can make the right choices. An option is that you can do meal prep in bulk if you want to for the days ahead, which will actually save, you time as well as keep you on track.

2. Small changes

Look for healthier alternatives that will have you still enjoying your diet while also getting you closer to your goals. For example;

-Cutting out refined sugar from your coffee or tea and replacing with a natural sweetener like Natvia.

-Reducing alcohol consumption/switching your soft drink to the no sugar versions.

-Increasing vegetable consumption to keep you fuller, give a variety of important micronutrients and help keep you on track.

3. Consistency

For many, 100% dietary adherence to a plan is not realistic and that is ok. Focus on making the right choices and sticking to your plan as much as possible.

4. Finding healthier substitutes from your current diet

There are so many healthier changes you can make that are actually so simple and wont have you feeling like your restricting yourself, its just a matter of knowing what they are. For example;

*Condiments –Ditch your normal condiments for the low or 0 calorie versions of thing like tomato, bbq sauce, mustards or maple syrup.

*Lower carb potatoes ‘Spud Lites’ which have 2/3 of the calories & carbs of regular potatoes

* Lite Jelly – I make myself 500g bowls of jelly for just 28 calories

* For a snack, vegetables like carrots or celery dipped into low calorie dip

The great thing about making changes such as the above is that you can enjoy eating the same or more food for fewer calories!

5. Reduce stress

Cortisol (the stress hormone) can interfere with your goals such as losing weight. Exercise is a great way to reduce this from being too high as well doing any hobby or activity that you enjoy.

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    1. Sheila van Gent says:

      How can I calculate amount of Natvia i need for 1cup of sugar in a recipe

      1. Kristy says:

        Hello you would need 3/4 cup of Natvia in replacement of 1 cup of sugar.

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