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Going sugar free: The one key to staying motivated

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on March 1, 2016

going sugarfree

So, you’ve decided to quit sugar. Once and for all. You’re feeling good, you’ve got all your friends on board and you’ll never touch the stuff again. Fantastic!

But what about when the whole sugar free thing, or any other goal, isn’t going so well?

I will suggest you look at your aims for your health/wellness/career/self that you’ve set and look at how they fit with your life… and see if it’s conducive to your existing lifestyle, and if it’s actually something you want to achieve.

Like, let’s look at the sugar thing. How this plays out is a little interesting. Some people thrive and feel exhilarated when they learn that they don’t actually need sugar in their life (weird concept I know). Others feel like they are being dragged through a pit of coals and avoid any social event at a bar, restaurant or house (so pretty much become a recluse). And then the rest of us swing between the two, with actions ranging from cursing the sweet delights that once lifted them, and the rest of the time proclaiming a love for the #sugarfreelife.

Regardless of if you’re in column a), b), or c); I commend you. You’ve recognised that there’s something you want to work towards and you’re one of the rare few that actually follow through on their words. Before dancing around too much though, stop for a moment and look at what the purpose of the goal is. If it’s to maintain a healthier weight, to save money, to learn how to nourish your body properly…whatever it is, just acknowledge it. Then, write this down in places you will see. Phone background, wall next to your bed, etc etc. This way you have a ‘bigger picture’ of the goal and even if you slip up once or twice, you’ll see that in the scheme of things, it’s not that important. And crucially, one error won’t kill your motivation – as long as your behaviour sticks with this overall objective, then you’re on the right track.

Olivia Arezzolo is a wellness advisor, personal trainer and co-founder of Bondi Outdoor. Olivia’s speciality in training clients physically is helping them tone and lean up, either through private sessions or through her group classes. In her lifestyle consultations, she works on mindset and how to establish a healthier lifestyle that suits each individuals’ specific needs. For more information on any of her services, contact her via email –[email protected] – she’d love to hear from you.

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