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The winter survival guide

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on June 27, 2016

The winter survival guide

Winter has hit faster than heartbreak in year 4 from your playground crush and MAN, are we feeling it! Before you decide this is the most horrible experience ever, read this article, take action and learn to love winter. It’s easier than you think.

  1. When outside looks like the end of the world is near, complete with hail, lightning storms and cyclonic winds: baking is your best friend here. We all know that it’s one of our favourite activities in general, but in winter, there’s something extra special about warming the house (and your insides) up with that homemade delicious sugar free brownie with coconut cream dressing. Even better? You’ll win brownie points (pun intended) with your family too.
  2. When you’re searching for something wholesome and nourishing, but don’t want to be weighed down, rich, heavy winter foods can often leave us feeling bloated and tired – definitely not what we want. A great option here is beautiful quinoa and organic vegetable soup, with a touch of cayenne pepper. Water ensures hydration levels are topped up, quinoa and veg are packed with fibre which help you feel super full; and the cayenne pepper stimulates your digestion, creating that invigorating warming sensation. 
  3. Celebrate the cold: living up the seasonal elements, like the snow; that ice skating rink that appears in the city around June / July and going about your day dressed in the ultimate boot / scarf / coat combo will actually make you excited that winter is here. Never tried? Now’s the perfect time. Book that trip to Thredbo, get #styleinspo on Pinterest and drag your bestie to the rink (she’ll actually love you for it).

So there you have it. Bake like you’re a 1960’s housewife, nurture your insides with some hearty soup, dress like you’re in Milan, and snapchat the 16 near death experiences of ice skating. You might enjoy the chill so much that you fall in love with the cooler months, and even seek them out (FYI, Switzerland has GREAT ski fields in January). Alternatively, you can sit here, despising winter and hiding in a cave until the sun reappears. Up to you.

Written by Olivia Arezzolo; personal trainer and director of Bondi Outdoor (, model and nutritional medicine student. She is currently sitting in her favourite boots / grey woollen coat and drinking a steamy mug of chai, and excited to devour her grandmas hot apple pie when she gets home this evening.

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